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CCLET presents the Acorn Test (for ages 12 and under)

A guide to help learners 12 years old and under decide when it is fair and reasonable to place limits on our rights and freedoms

April Julian

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of CCLET presents the Acorn Test (for ages 12 and under)

What does it mean to have
When you have freedom you can do things like…
think, imagine, and believe
sing and dance
write a story and draw pictures
gather with your friends in the park
but what if the rules were...
How do we know the difference between a rule or law that is
, and one that is

is made up of 3 questions we can ask ourselves to help us decide whether or not a rule or law that limits our freedom is fair:
Why was the rule

or law

Will it work?
What else will it do?
Click the TV below to Watch
Mayor Moe Sees Stars
, a video about a mayor who tries to make a new law for the city.
Is it for a good purpose?
Does the rule achieve its purpose?
Does the rule do something other than achieve its purpose? Are there side effects that can occur when the rule is enforced?
What else will it do?
What else happened as a result of the No Lights law? What happened to the
? What would happen in your city if there were no lights? Do you think the No Lights law is fair?
Will it work?
Did the No Lights law work? Did everyone get a better view of the stars and the planets? Did the citizens become happy and cheerful?
Why was the law

Why did the Councillors pass a No Lights After Dark law? What was the purpose for requiring everyone to turn off all the lights? Do you think that is a good purpose?
join a club or team
When is it
to limit our ?
After watching the video, answer the 3 questions and
decide if you think Mayor Moe’s law is fair.
Use your FREEDOM to express yourself in a letter to Mayor Moe.

Tell him what you think about his No Lights Law, and what you think can be done to make it more

Viewing Instructions:
would those rules be
We know it’s VERY important to have
But we also know that sometimes we need to have
laws or rules
what we are allowed to do, so that we can achieve important goals in society.
What kind of


do you follow at school or at home that


what you are allowed to do?
some examples might be...
No running in the gym or playground
No eating candy,
No yelling, even in
an emergency!
No running in the halls at school
No yelling indoors
No candy before
To watch more videos featuring Mayor Moe, play games, and download resources visit
The Acorn Test
(for ages 12 and under)
The Acorn Test
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