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Rounding Numbers

No description

Catherine Boulet

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Rounding Numbers

Numbers that are rounded are easier to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
Rounding can also help you figure out if an answer to a math problem makes sense.
Finally, we use rounding in every day life to help us mentally complete math problems.
Why Do We Round?
How Do We Round Numbers?
Round 23, 569, 832 to the millions' place.
Let's Practice!
1. Find the place. Circle the digit.
2. Look at the number on the RIGHT.
3. If it's 5 or more, raise the score! Make your circled digit 1 bigger.
4. 4 or less, let it rest! Leave your circled digit alone!
5. Put zeros after your circle digit.
So, When You Round a Number....
Rounding Numbers
In ANY Place
Round the number 356,554 to the ten thousands' place.
Let's Practice!
Let's Practice!
Round the number 1, 345, 433 to the thousands' place.
1. Round the number 24, 564, 322 to the hundreds' place.
Try It On Your Own!
1. Find your place: 3
6, 554

2. Look next door: 3
6, 554

3. Is it 5 or more? Then raise the score!

4. Look to the right; put zeros in sight! 360,000
1. Find your place: 1, 34

2. Look next door: 1, 34
, 433

3. Is it 5 or more? No! Is it 4 or less? Then let it rest!

4. Look to the right; put zeros in sight! 1, 345,000
1. Find your place: 2
, 569, 832

2. Look next door: 2
, 569, 832

3. Is it 5 or more? Then raise the score!

4. Look to the right; put zeros in sight! 24,000,000
2. Round the number 4, 655, 203 to the hundred thousands' place.
3. Round the number 124, 222, 432 to the ten millions' place.
4. Round the number 142, 567, 249 to the tens' place.
Ready to Play?
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