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Tunapuna Regional Corporation - GPS Tracking Solution

Fleet Management And GPS Tracking System

Horatio Sutton

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Tunapuna Regional Corporation - GPS Tracking Solution

CherAmi Ltd. Overview
We develop, market, and support our GPS tracking application using the latest technologies to provide practical, user-friendly solutions for single users, small, medium to large businesses and government agencies who need to track people or their assets.

The company is a privately-owned corporation and is currently in the process of opening offices in different countries in the Caribbean to better cover new emerging markets. The company's head office is located in Trinidad and Tobago.
Cherami is the number ONE telemetric solution provider in the Caribbean. We provide various solutions and services that give companies in a wide range of industries an end-to-end visibility into their operations.

Our solutions provide real-time information and logistics, management tools to track vehicles, maximize performance, automate processes, obtain vital real time reports, and enhance safety and boost profitability, control and monitor your fleet of vehicles, while consistently meeting your needs.
Second to None
Why Cherami?
Total Cost of Ownership
Local Developers
Easy to use Web Application
Industry Leaders
Customer Service Driven
Provide Reports – both manual or automatic e.g.:
* If a vehicle is speeding beyond the stipulated limit.
* If a vehicle is speeding within a restricted zone.
* If a vehicle returns late to its assigned compound.
Increased security of vehicles.
Increased security for drivers with the use of our SOS panic buttons.
Extend life of vehicles.
Gain instant access of locations of any vehicle.
Monitor engine hrs and distance traveled for automated maintenance on vehicles.
Increase preventative maintenance during lightly scheduled days
Respond to emergencies with accuracy and efficiency
Cherami will provide 24 hrs software technical support.
Help to reduce vehicle insurance premiums.
Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
Coast Guard
HQ Vehicles
Ministry of Works and Transport
Numerous Security Companies
Numerous Distribution & Construction Companies
Hundreds of personal Customers
A GPS Tracking Solution
Powered by:
What is Important to
Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation
Location of Vehicle being tracked
You are able to track:
A Single Vehicle
Groups of vehicles
All vehicles
Obtain Exact Address of any Vehicle
Ensure Contractors Collect and Disposal garbage according to contract
View Live Demo
Our devices installed in Endecon Designs & Construction Ltd vehicles will communicate with GPS satellites covering the Caribbean. Once a GPS location has been obtained it will send its location through the GPRS network (Digicel or Bmobile) to our servers on Amazon cloud. Our clients can then securely access the data by either website or SMS.
Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation
Be able to create unlimited zones.
Set restrictions and permissions for each zone.
Automatically be notified on all restrictions.
Manually generate reports that can be exported in various formats.
Garbage Geozone Report. Ensure that vehicles enter garbage collection zone. Acts as an internal audit before payments are made.
United Nations Development Programme
St. George's University
Mayaro Rio Claro Regional Corporation

Siparia Regional Corporation
Prevent Private Jobs
Unauthorized use of the Cesspool and water borne trucks.
Improved Vehicle
Service Report based on engine hours or odometer
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