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Robots and Jobs industry

mine and katies prezi is just boss :0 :)

nick chmiewliski

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Robots and Jobs industry

Robots and Jobs industry
The Robot industry
Robots Positive way
Robots Negative way
Jobs Positive way
The Jobs industry
Jobs Negative way
This may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications.
Jobs in industry will soon become so advanced that humans will be unable to do the work. Robots will take over from the people making the manufacturing costs lower. This also means costs will be lower for the public.
Robots will do the jobs which no one wants to do but can also do the jobs which humans are unable to do.
Robotics will make great inroads in service industries especially healthcare where the aging population will require support services for which human care will be too few in number to provide.
One example is in surgery when a machine is doing the surgery but it is controlled by a human. Therefore in 20 years the robots will be functioning on their own.
The negatives could be that the robots could go wrong and end up trying to kill your or trying to do something else.
The expenses are also a problem as they need to be maintained.
Robots need to be trained which costs money.
Robots may protect workers from some hazards, but in the meantime, their presence can create other safety problems
The Jobs that are now in 2013 will be upgraded and be better in the future and then people will be kicked out.
This is because the robots will be building everything and then the people will be poor because the robots are taking over.
That the robots are taking your job away from you and you wont get paid anymore.
This means that you probably wont get a job anymore.
The robots could take over the world and that they could kill you as well.
The positive way is that no one has to work this means that people will be able to spend time with their families.
Sometimes they could go out with their friends and enjoy themselves. And some days they could just relax and go to the spar



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