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Comic Presentation

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jake perry-gardner

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Comic Presentation

Comic Presentation
Y The Last Man
2002 Graphic Novel series written by Brian Vaughan
The Invisibles
1996 Graphic Novel Epic drawn by Steve Yeowell
Tony and Me - James Parsons - 2002
Steve Bell: Political Artist
1981 to Present
Any Questions?
Are these what you think of?
3 of the most iconic Comic book heroes:
Action Comics - Superman (1938)
DC - Batman (1939)
Marvel - Spiderman (1962)
"There has never been a generation for whom comics as a tool or an effective weapon are more eminently suited, nor a time of social crisis better able to lend comics a true sense of urgency and purpose"
Guy Fawkes Night
5th November 1605
Double Meaning
What about its meaning?
Politics: Power and The People
Lets Look Back
Comics have been around a lot longer than the modern ink and paper
The First Modern Comic
The 230 foot long Bayeux Tapestry
Zig Zag Reading
Considered one of the first incarnation of Comic Books
V for Vendetta - Alan Moore - 1982
Back to the Icons
Superman VS Nick'O'teen
Spiderman and friends
"Never Say Yes to a Cigarette" Anti-Smoking Advert
Health Education Council
Tribute to 9/11
Cover Artist: Alex Ross
Values Writers

Animation: The Live Action Comics
Tribute to 9/11
Give People Hope
Dave Gibbons -
The First Comic Book Laureate
However, it is not the first modern format
Focuses on a different view to the word "Pictorial"
The glyphs represents only sounds.
"Their real descendent is the written word and not comics"
Read going up left to right...
the same as Mexico will eventually 2700 years after
"An apparently simple word, it covers a multitude of stories in all manner of styles and genres, forms and formats"
Certain books have been produced for Entertainment value only
"They are Very Accessible...Children naturally gravitate to their particular mix of brief words and exciting interesting pictures”
“In many other countries, comics and graphic novels have been used extensively in literacy drives...In France comics are called the ninth art, they stand alongside music and literature”
“The sheer accessibility of the medium, the way in which complex information can be easily absorbed through its combination of words and pictures”.
Details the Norman Conquest of England
Reading left to right
See the events unfold in deliberate chronological order
"there are no panel borders per se, but there are clear divisions of scene by subject matter"
Lets Go Back...
Way Back!
How does it link?
One story is inspired by Morrison's own ethics towards fox hunting
"show a darkly satirical variation on fox hunting, in which an English nobleman kidnaps homeless people to hunt down and kill for sport"
Paul Gravett, Comics Unmasked, p.54
2005 the ban on fox hunting was enforced
However still remains controversial among hunting supporters
"The cartoon is a vacuum into which our identity and awareness are pulled. An empty shell that we inhabit which enables us to travel in another realm"
Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, Pg.36
The same can be said about Comics
Doesn't rely heavily on the visuals
Plenty of cartoons lack a strong narrative structure
Here's an example:
Brad Birds 'Family Dog' (1993)
Writer and Director of The Iron Giant (1999) and The Incredibles (2004)
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Dog_(TV_series)
"crude scripts and cheap production values, both of drastically lesser quality than the episode which had spawned the series".
The Message behind the Image
Source: http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMjE2NDc4MzY1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDcxNjgxMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg
Source: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/008/8/c/the_incredibles___poster_by_anoanoanoano-d4lrhs9.jpg
Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fe/FamilyDog.jpg
"Comics communicate in a 'language' that relies on a visual experience common to both creator and audience. Modern readers can be expected to have an easy understanding of the image-word mix and the traditional deciphering of text. Comics can be called 'reading' in a wider sense than that term is commonly applied"
First Lets define Comics themselves
"refers to the medium itself, not a specific object as "comic book" or "comic strip" do".
Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, Pg.4
Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, Pg.9
- Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, Pg.4
"Underlying the story is a consistent analysis of the impact of men on women's lives, be it through patriarchal power structures or the dominant cultural meme that encourages women to look to men to lead and save them."
"key statistics are summarised which bring home the prevalence of men in key positions in important industries:
85% of all government representatives,
495 of the Fortune 500 CEOs and
Almost 100% of the leaders of certain religions are (were) men."
Every mammal with a Y chromosome in the world dies
Maura McHugh, Y the Last Man, The F Word
details a radical turn of events where a patriarchal society is turned on its head
The message of the story is more important than the art itself
But still retain the gripping storyline within its pages.
The best selling series to date have crude and rough drawing style
Animation is sequential in Time
"Space does for Comics what Time does for Film".
Before It's projected,film is just a very slow comic.
Scenes in a comic occupy a different space on the page.
Frame-by-frame, projected in the same space
Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics, Pg.7
Alison Flood, Comics Laureate to be superhero of literacy, The Guardian, 2014
Comics are a powerful tool of communication
Used for the Directives and Accessibility to meet political ends
Political comics can be radicalising people to improve Society and Support movements for equal rights.
Alan Moore, Comics Unmasked, Pg.110
"V for Vendetta would inspire its readers to resist the erosion of their rights and insist on a fairer, one in which 'People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people"
Paul Gravett, Comics Unmasked, Pg.106-107
Paul Gravett, Comics Unmasked, p.6
Others are to inspire and educate
Some comics contain a double meaning
The entertainment is in the storyline, while underneath it all lies an extremist or alternative Point of View on a certain topic
Comics Unmasked, Paul Gravett, 2014
Understanding Comics the invisible art, Scott McCloud, 1993
Comics & Sequential Art, Will Eisner, 1985
http://www.thefword.org.uk/reviews/2011/07/y_the_last_man - Maura McHugh, 2011
Flood, A 2014, 'Comics Laureate to be superhero of literacy', The Guardian, 21 October p. 12
Flood, A 2014, 'Comics Laureate to be superhero of literacy', The Guardian, 21 October p. 12

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