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Sustainability Internship

No description

Kimberly Woods

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Sustainability Internship

Sustainability Internship
Training in Philadelphia, PA
May 28-31
Weekly Management Meeting
(Every Monday)
June 13
Met with the Sustainability Team at
Chrysler to Discuss Possible Opportunities
For Partnership
June 18
Met with Environmental Health
Manager (John Troy) to discuss marketing
of the Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL)
program at CTC
June 26
Toured the site waste processes at CTC. This involved over three hours to see all of the recycling sites from all the development and research labs, as well as the general trash docks where most of the Aramark waste was collected.
June 27
Met with the Grassroots Team, a small group
of employees dedicated to promoting
sustainable initiatives around the grounds.
Projects include:
-Bat Habitats
-Heron/Beaver Preservation
-Zero Waste to Landfill
-Charity Gardens
-Cycling to Work
*weekly Thursday meetings
July 1
Discussion and tour with
John Troy
-Composting Solutions
-Zero waste to Landfill
August 1
Panel Discussion with
Environmental Team
August 7/8
Zero Waste to Landfill
Marketing Campaign
August 12
Launch of Table Tents as a Marketing
Tool for Aramark operated facilities
August 9
Discussion with Stuart
Fisher, electrical engineer
and mechanic to reflect on
energy saving solutions
June 19
Reusable Mug Marketing
assembled and put in place
June 25
Ice Cream Social
(Every Wednesday)
July 2
Began in Assistant Managerial
position for one of the dining areas
(serves approx. 1200 people/day)
July 5
Summer BBQ Catering Special
July 15
Made in Michigan
Catering Event
Featuring: Guest speaker Sergio Marchione
July 16
Grand opening of the 24/7 Kiosk stations
in the Sundry Shop at Tech Plaza
June 20
The Made in Michigan campaign began
by bringing awareness to locally
produce/packaged products in the Sundry Shops
July 20
ZWL Progress:
Logo Established
July 22/23
Due to a power outage over the weekend.
These days were spent accounting for most/
all of the lost Sysco inventory
July 17
ZWL Leaflets/entry forms
July 25
Infused Water introduced in dining
areas and Satellite locations
July 30
With Regards to equipment renovations,
I spoke with Rick Wiley and the facilities
department about possible energy saving solutions.
July 31
The Farmer's Market began
its second year at CTC
August 1
Just4You seasonal
literature released
July 24
Managed cash/finances for
GM Auto Show catering event
(off site)
Aramark + SCA
Sustainability Internship

Kim Woods
Chrysler Technology
Center and Headquarters
Auburn Hills, MI
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