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Interactive Notebook

Introduction to the Interactive Notebook the students will use all year.

Angie Braude

on 14 August 2011

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Transcript of Interactive Notebook

Interactive Notebooks is a way for you to remain organized all year long
provides study references for each unit
great resource for you to review before quizzes/tests Right Side "INPUT"
1) always write the date on each page
2) always title each assignment
3) always write in pencil

Cornell notes
video notes
labs Left Side "OUTPUT"
1) organize information
2) always use color (at least 4 colors)

concept/mind maps
warm ups
writing prompts Materials Needed spiral notebook (3 subject)

color pencils

highlighters (yellow,
plus at least two
other colors)

tape, glue stick

writing utensils Front Cover (Outside) personalize it
glue on pictures/clip art or add stickers
cover it with clear packing tape to make it sturdy
top right corner: first and last name, Science, block # Front Cover (Inside) glue on pictures or clip art about Science
cover it with clear packing tape to make it more sturdy Back Cover can also add more personalization to outside back cover
cover with clear packing tape to make it more sturdy (even if you do not personalize it) Example of Right Side Example of
Left Side
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