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Life Studies Project

No description

Kara Kamppi

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Life Studies Project

-Need to be entertaining & arouse curiousity

-Different meanings will be taken at different times

-Gives body to anxieties that are then defeated
The Witch Must Die
-Help chilren deal with greed, envy, vanity, and other troublesome tendencies.

-Originally intended for adults

-The witch embodies the sinful parts of ones self
The Irresistable Fairy Tale
Goals & Expectations
-Have a better understanding of folk tales

-Know about the origin

-Manage my time efficently

Life Studies Project
by Kara Kamppi
-Always have loved fantasy
-Disney movies
-Complete opposite of a realist
Why do fairy tales continue to be told?
-Fairy tales = Mythology = Astronomy

-Know what I'm reading to my kids/what kind of message they are receiving
I want to have a better understanding of fairy tales and myths.
What I learned
About Myself
because I'm self centered
-I cannot manage my time efficently

-Amazon hates me

-Kindle sucks

-I get bored easily
Advice/What I'd Do Differently
-Don't use a Kindle

-Choose a topic that you won't get bored of

-Hide your phone/laptop/pets in a seperate room so you can focus
The Uses of Enchantment
Fairytales are contnued to be told because of the lessons that they teach.
-Tell us what we lack and how the world must be

-Fairytales begin with conflict because we do too
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