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Princess Diana Life Map

Princess Diana Life Map project

Kausar Palejwala

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Princess Diana Life Map

A Biography On
Princess Diana


Parents Divorce
This is
Off To Boarding School
As a child, Diana lived at Park House, which is a large estate in Norfolk, England. This estate was also near the royal-family estate. So, Princess Diana, and Prince Charles were technically neighbors. Although they were neighbors, they never really saw each other because of the fact that she was 13 years younger than him.
After the death of Diana's first brother, whom had only lived for a few hours, John and France's marriage took a down -hill. Sadly, in 1969, they were divorced, and full custody of the children was given to John Edward Spencer. Diana was also very sad about the divorce, and to make problems worse, divorce was uncommon and thought of as "scandalous".
At the time of the divorce, Diana was sent off to an all-girls boarding school, Riddlesworth Hall. Over there, she got along with everyone and loved helping others. Despite her popularity, she struggled with her studies, especially in subjects such as math and science. However, Diana did well in art and music. Her brother Charles wasn't much help either, he just made fun of her because he was doing quite well in his studies compared to Diana. On the other hand, she did exceedingly well in athletics, as she was tall and agile. Diana never missed a chance to show off her athletic talent.
Diana soon became very close with Prince Charles after meeting each other many times. Then, on February 6th, 1981, Prince Charles asked Diana to marry him. Hence, on July 29th, 1981 they got married at St. Pauls Cathedral. The wedding was viewed by more than 750 million people around the world. Now Diana bore the title of Princess Diana of Wales, and was also now the future Queen of England.

Diana wanted to be independent, and be on her own in London. Finally after some time, Diana's mother agreed, and in the summer of 1979, her parents bought her an apartment, which she shared with three of her good friends. Although her expenses were payed by her parents, she began to look for a job. At first, she often babysat little children. After some time, she found a job at the Young England Kindergarten as a teacher's assistant. She got along with the children very well, and at the same time the children loved her.
Unfortunately, during Princess Diana's honeymoon, she found that Prince Charles was spending more time fishing and going out in the woods, rather than spending time with his new wife. Although she was upset about this, she tried to cope by spending her time with the servants and eating ice cream with them. Another problem Princess Diana encountered was that she was much younger than everyone else at the palace, causing her feel out of place. Finally, there is the major problem, which cause a great deal of strain on the royal marriage, and that problem was; Camilla Parker-Bowels. She and Prince Charles had a long-term affair, and Prince Charles still went with her on hunting trips, and Princess Diana was left alone to beat boredom by the hour. Also, after the birth of Prince Harry, Princess Diana's marriage began to go downhill as well.
A Royal Baby!
Why I Chose These Icons
Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1st, 1961. Although she was not born a princess, her family was close with the royal family. Her parents hoped she would be a boy as they needed to have a son whom could carry on their family's name. As Diana grew up, she felt unwanted by her parents because she felt she had disappointed them.
This is evident as written in the book I chose, where it states: Her former nanny Mary Clarke, recalled "Diana knew she was a very good swimmer and she used to take every opportunity to show off. She used to love nothing more than when we had crowds of people around the pool. Much against her father's wishes ... she'd run to the top of the slide and stand there poised... and shout to everyone "Look at me! Look at me!", knowing that her father would reprimand her in front of everyone else, and execute this beautiful dive into the pool" (Mattern, 13-14)
Diana recalled these days to be the one of the best of her life. As stated in the text, She said: "It was nice being in a flat with the girls. I loved that- it was great. I laughed my head off there. I loved being on my own."(Mattern, 18) It is also evident that she was very good with children when Kay Seth-Smith (owner of the school) said, "She was very good at getting down to the children's level both physically and mentally. She was quite happy to sit on the floor, have children climb over her, sit on low chairs beside them, and actually talk to them.... They responded incredibly well to her." (Mattern 20-21)
Diana knew that it was her duty to "produce a royal heir to the throne" (Mattern, 44), and so in the summer of 1981, she got the joyful news that she was pregnant. She was overjoyed and so was the royal family. Royal babies were usually born in the palace, but Princess Diana wanted to give birth to her child in the hospital. So on June 21st, 1982, she checked into St. Mary's Hospital in London. There she gave birth to a boy, named William Arthur Philip Louis.
Happily, In 1984, Diana found out she was again pregnant. However, Prince Charles "kept repeating that he wanted a daughter and fully expected the baby to be a girl" (Mattern, 51). But when Diana went for an ultrasound, she discovered that the baby she would give birth to would be a boy. So she hid this from Prince Charles, and when Diana gave birth, "the first words that came out of his mouth were "oh God, it's a boy". Prince Charles also disliked the fact that the baby's hair was red, which was a "Spencer trait". The baby's full name is Henry Charles Albert David, and is also called "Harry".
Off To London
A Royal Wedding!
Royal Heir
Another Prince
Royal Marriage Goes Down-Hill
Prince Charles and Camilla

Eventually, Diana couldn't take it anymore, and so she and Prince Charles got divorced. She fought for the custody of her children, but she unfortunately only got to see her children every other week. But she stated "I will fight for my children so they can reach their full potential as human beings and in their public duties" (Mattern, 75).
Sadly, on August 31st, 1997, Diana was killed in car crash after leaving the Ritz hotel with her boyfriend Dodi. They were being chased by paparazzi, and the car then crashed. Diana was known all over the world for her great characteristics and personality. She is still remembered today, for the great person she was.
The Death Of A Great Woman
Princess Diana travelled all over the world, helping those who were less fortunate. She visited AIDs victims, and shook hands with one to show the world that touching an AIDs victim is perfectly safe. She once said, “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them hugs heaven knows they need it." She also went to visit the people who were affected by land mines, and helped them, talked to them, and made a difference in their lives. Diana also auctioned off many of her dresses, and donated the money to charities. This is all evidence which proves that she was a great person keeping in mind that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.
The symbol for her birth is B and a G with a question mark because her parents wanted her to be a boy (which is why there is a B), but they didn't know the gender of the baby (hence the question mark) and she turned out to be a girl (reason for the G).
The symbol for childhood is a small growing plant because at that stage in her life she was growing and there is a teardrop falling from the plant because Diana's childhood was not very pleasant as she felt unloved, and the fact that her parents fought.
For Boarding School, I chose a graduation hat and a brain for the icon because school requires you to use a lot of brain power and eventually she graduated from school, hence the graduation cap.
For Diana's Parents divorce, I put a man, a woman and an "X" symbol above them to show that things were not working out for the two, which is the exact same situation with the parents of Diana.
I used what google uses on maps to show different locations, to show that Princess Diana moved from one location to another.
The next event, is Princess Diana's wedding which I used a heart for the symbol of her marriage. I chose this symbol because she fell in love with Prince Charles, hence the heart.
For the next event, which is the birth of Prince William, I chose a hospital symbol to represent Prince William's birth because Princess Diana wanted for her child to be born in the hospital, not at the palace. Hence the hospital sign.
A banner with "A Royal Baby" written on it was used for the birth of Prince Harry, because it's like a royal proclamation because Prince Harry belongs to the royal family, and has "royal blood" running in his veins.
Next, there is the "Royal Marriage goes Downhill". For this event, I chose a sad face as the icon, because during this time, Diana felt very unhappy, and depressed that her marriage wasn't working out the way she wanted it to.
For Diana's divorce, I put a man, a woman and an "X" symbol above them to show that things were not working out for the two, and the reason behind this is Camilla, with whom Prince Charles often spent his time with, leaving Diana alone to beat the boredom.
Lastly, there is the death of this great woman. For this event I used a skull with bones, because this is often used as a symbol for death.
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