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lions beware!!!

No description

s menon

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of lions beware!!!

Lions Beware!!!
Their Looks on their bodies!!!
A lions coat has no stripes or spots. Since a plain coat is the best disguise for this grassland hunter. A lions body is not plain yellow all over. Underneath its stomach a lions coat is white. Its tail tuft, lips, nose and the back of its ear are black. These dark marking may help lions find each other, while they prawl through tall grasses. Some scientists also think that the black lips is to see each others facial expression so they can communicate better. No other lion has exactly the same pattern of spots. Whisker spots are unique to each lion as finger prints are to people.
Back when dinosaurs were there!!!
North American lions were larger than today's lions. They were 12 feet long.
The last lions in North America disappeared about 8,000 years ago. Long ago lions in North America lions hunted big animals as they do in Africa. They were the only
predators large enough to take down a huge bison. Like the African lions, they were driven out of their former range or killed by human hunters. In the past lions could be found in every continent except Antarctica and Australia. As the years go by they where only found in parts of Africa and in a small area of India called the Gir Forest.
More about lions!!!
Lions are the biggest African cats. The lions range in color from nearly white to tan yellow, ash brown, ochre, and deep orange brown. Their powerful legs are designed for jumping, running and to give a lion an extra burst of speed when necessary. Lions can also freeze motionless for a long time without getting stiff or tired which is a very important when the lion is stalking its dinner. Lions live in groups called "prides" and each pride has its own territory. The bigger the pride the bigger the territory those lions call "home". If there isn't a lot of prey in their territory, lions may need to travel far to find food.
The farther they travel the larger their territory will become. Territories may range anywhere in size from a small town to a medium sized city. Often one pride's territory will overlap the territory of another, but each pride has a central area that is all its own. Of cats only lions live and hunt in "prides". Crouching completely motionless in the grass a lion is almost invisible. That thick coat of yellowish-grey fur blends perfectly with the dried shrubs and grasses.
This lion is from Africa!!
Thank You!!!
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