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Social Audits

Social Audits & SA 8000, Business Ethics

Antoine Gicquel

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Audits

Who is already using SA 8000:
SA 8000
Social Audits
Social Audit - What is it?
The firm

Operating procedures

Code of conduct
How can it be done?
Visits to companies
Internal or external auditors
Environmental impact
Pay and benefits of the employees.
Volunteer activities
Work environment
Energy use
Type of audit:
3 types:
The internal audit
The external audit (BCG, SGS)
The third party audit (SAAS)
What is SA 8000?
Social Accountability 8000
One of the first auditable standards
Published by a third-party entity
Delivered by SAI
Accredited by SAAS.
Focus on:

Employee rights
Workplace conditions
Management systems
Social report
Lucie Lévêque, Manon Hervé, Antoine Gicquel, Gilles Mevesen
Effect on society

Clear way of communicating
Points of improvement
Issue solving

Create a sustainable value

Improve stakeholder relationship
Aims :
Bridge gap between expected and real situation

Growing demand

For companies:
Evaluate their social performance

For stakeholders:
monitor and verify the social performance

Tool to improve workplace conditions, in countries that lack robust enforcement of regulatory standards
Why is there a need for social audit?
Certificate = two parts

The standards

Guidance document
Explains the certificate and standards
How can companies implement necessary changes
Clear methods of auditing the compliance
How it works?
What is SAI?
Its mission:

"Advance the human rights of workers around the world
Promoting ethical working conditions, labor rights, CSR and social dialogue"

What they do:

Protect the integrity of workers around the world:
Building local capacity
Developing SA8000 
SAI: American non-governmental,
multi-stakeholder organization.
Social Accountability Accreditation Services

Originally part of SAI
Legal independent entity since 2007
Non-profit corporation
Current link with SAI is pure contractual

Their role:
Grant, maintain or suspend accreditation
Monitoring and auditing
Child Labor
Forced Labor
Health & Labor
Freedom of Association
Disciplinary Practices
Work hours
Management System
Derived from or based on:
National laws
International human rights norms
Conventions of the international labour organization

Started out as a collection of rules

Becoming more proactive
Recommendations that transcend the rules
E.g. Minimum working age
Thank you
What we talked about:

what is social audit

how it can be done

example social audit:SA8000

example company: timberland

room for improvement
not obligated

Other types of audits
ISO 9000: Quality managment
ISO 14000: Sustainable development

Internal Auditing team:

in charge of:
controlling and monitoring
all trade partners
necessary training
implementation assistance
(Supplier Sustainability Team)
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