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AS Sociology mock

Model answers

Amanda Lane

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of AS Sociology mock

Model answers Sociology AS Mock Q1: Explain what is meant by the term 'Subculture' (2 marks) Q5 Using the material from item 1B and elsewhere, assess the extent to which social identity is shaped by interactions with others (24 marks) To gain the full 2 marks, you need to identify the correct definition such as 'a group that have their own norms and values that differ from mainstream society' and highlight with and example OR provide a fuller definition. Q2 Suggest 2 criticisms that other sociologists might make of the postmodernist view of leisure (4 marks) Being taught national history
Cultural events, customs or activities
National symbols such as flags, the monarchy
Shared experiences such as discrimination or conflict Q3 Suggets three ways in which people are socialised into a national identity, apart from the purchase of items such as food, music or clothing (6 marks) The key term in this question is linking the 2 concepts that you chose to CULTURE and also how sociologists such as Marxism, Functionalism, Postmodernism etc would interpret such concepts. Q4 Examine the ways in which sociologists can contribute to our understanding of any 2 of the following: mass culture, folk culture, global culture, popular culture (24 marks) Just identifying an example of a subculture will only be awarded 1 mark. Postmodernists state that identity is not defined by social structures such as age, class, gender, ethnicity etc You need to identify other perspectives such as Marxism, Functionalism etc and identify aspects that conflict with the postmodernist view point such as choice restrictions from money, time, gender etc. Marxist would argue that leisure is controlled by large organisations (capitalism) and that it is mass consumed eg: going to the gym Analysis and evaluation is required which comes from COMPARING elements from different perspectives Concepts that need to be discussed are globalisation, high and low culture, advertising, consumerism, capitalism, dominant cultures, the role of culture in society and the changing nature of culture over time. EXAMPLES! Always relate back to the question: How is what you are writing answering the question! Organisation & Structure Social identity shaped by interactions is specifically linked to interactionism, so you need to discuss the concepts that relate to interactionism and how identity is created and maintained. If you only talk about interactionism and the concepts involved you can only receive a max score of 18 marks. Concepts such as looking-glass self, dramaturgical model, labelling theory etc need to be mentioned in order to move into the top band. Top band answers need to include a detailed evaluation that contrasts interactionist concepts with other perspectives on identity such a Marxism and postmodernism. Grade boundaries A = 38+
B = 34-37
C = 31-33
D = 28-30
E = 25-27
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