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The History of the Phone

No description

vicki head

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The History of the Phone

The History of the Phone
By: Vicki Head Telephone,
Invented by Alexander Graham Bell
On March of 1876
Function was to allow two people to communicate with each other. Telephone
3 March 1876
First creation of telephone The Blake transmitter
4 April 1883
It was the first successful telephone transmitter.
Desk Telephones (Eiffel tower)
12 Feb 1892
First desktop telephone with a handset.

11 digit Potbelly Dial Candlestick
31 may 1905
This was the first dial telephone.
Transcontinental call telephone
10 Mar 1915
This linked the Atlantic seaboard with the West Coast.

Round Base Rotary Dial Monophone
1 Jan 1934
Was the first handset telephone used by the
independent telephone companies.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
1 Jan 1983
The first portable telephone on
the to market. LG chocolate phone 2006
25 Feb 2006
Was the first phone to have
keypads and touch pads

June 2007
Was the first phone to have an auto-rotate
sensor, a multi-touch sensor and a touch
interface that replaced the traditional
QWERTY keyboard.

iPhone 5
September 12, 2012
features the new A6 processor, holds a 4-inch Retina display , and replaces the 30-pin connector with an
all-digital Lightning connector.

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