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Alexa Gress

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of theater

Theater In Las Vegas - 1800s
Theater and the types of it that we use have changed a lot since it was first brought here.
Theater in Las Vegas - Today
Today, we have so many different kinds of theater available for the enjoyment of tourists and locals.
First Theater Opens
The Isis was the only theater in the early 1900s- Specifically, 1909. It became a smokehouse restaurasnt in the 1920's. It closed in 1922 when the population dwindles, only to reopen as the Las Vegas Club.
Up until 1931, gambling was banned in Vegas.
First Hotel Opened
The first hotel-casino on the Strip was the El Rancho Vegas, which caught fire 20 years later.
Beatles perform
In 1964, the Beatles arrived in Las Vegas and performed 2 sold out shows.
Magic & Comedy Shows
Magic and comedy shows are common nowadays, with the comedians (Bo Burnham, for example) and the magicians. David Copperfield)
Theaters are much less common now, as most shows take place in hotels or casinos. Or Hotel-Casinos.
Circus Circus
Since the opening of this specific hotel, rides have opened for the entertainment of kids staying there.
Although music had been played in the earlier times, it's nothing like it is now. Sometimes concerts are held outside while people walk by, other times they're held in crowded theaters. Most of them, such as the Jabbawokeez, are a lot more flashy and involved than older concerts.
If there's one thing that's been present for a while, it's gambling- After it was legalized, it began to spring up everywhere, creating a sizable industry.
Performances like Cirques have been around for a while, the first one here being Mystere, which opened in Las Vegas in 1993.
Theaters have been around in Las Vegas since the Isis opened in 1909, even if they don't have the same purpose now as they used to.
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