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The Tech Warehouse - Discovering the iPhone 6

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on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The Tech Warehouse - Discovering the iPhone 6

The Tech Warehouse - Discovering the iPhone 6
(Shane Bray, Andrea Binnington, Nanette Daligadu, Silvia D’Amato, Michael Rumble)

Discovering the iPhone 6

Jason works on a procurement team for a wireless carrier in Canada.

He is currently in the RFP (request for proposal) stage with a very lucrative client in the tech sector; The Tech Warehouse.

The corporate culture of The Tech Warehouse is predicated on staying ahead of the curve in terms of their ability to utilize new technology.

The smartphone market faces constant innovation and secretive hardware launches on a continual basis, making The Tech Warehouse’s task of staying ahead of the curve that much more difficult.

Jason’s boss has asked Jason and his staff to present a feature and benefit plan based on rumoured hardware releases in 2014 as part of the RFP to be presented to The Tech Warehouse.

Jason’s contribution to this project will be to conduct the background research.

After a preliminary meeting in the summer of 2014 with The Tech Warehouse’s IT leadership group; it became evident that The Tech Warehouse would like to move away from their current Blackberry devices into iOS Apple smartphones.

The Tech Warehouse Chief Technology Officer named the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 6 as the device he would like implemented company wide.

Scenario (Cont.)
Determine what details have been announced directly from Apple prior to the hardware announcement:

Operating system specifics
(Keyboard, Air Drop Sharing, Health)
New versions of Apple Apps
(iCloud, iMessage, Etc.)
Search for tends in mobile technology
that align with rumoured features in order to forecast features and benefits for The Tech Warehouse

Identify and rule out far-fetched rumours

Features and claims which seem too good to be true

Information posted on fan sites, blogs, social media, discussion boards.

Determine how The Tech Warehouse would benefit from rumoured device hardware and features

How can The Tech Warehouse use Apple specific features (e.g. iCloud Drive) and the Apple device ecosystem to its advantage?


5 Steps of the Inquiry Process:

As a part of the research process, Jason will gather information from The Tech Warehouse employees in different functional areas to develop possible strategies to implement and utilize new hardware and software combinations within the organization.


Key take-away points from Jason's meetings with The Tech Warehouse employees include:

Email transfer is currently the only way of sharing digital company files
The Tech Warehouse purchased new Apple PC`s in 2013 for employee workstations
The Tech Warehouse management has recently instituted new programs focusing on employee health
Define (Cont.)
What smartphone features could The Tech Warehouse benefit from?

Did Jason make a good choice canvassing The Tech Warehouse employees for preliminary information?

Where is Jason likely to find the most reliable information on the iPhone 6?

How could Jason improve his process for defining the problem?


Jason is attempting to collect information about a smartphone from a company that has yet to even be acknowledged the existence of the iPhone 6 to the public.

He will have to develop strategies to obtain this information from a variety of both official and unofficial sources.

In order to get an appreciation for what Jason might have faced, we invite you to search for information about the iPhone that would have been available in the summer of 2014 before its October 2014 release.

You can do this in Google by searching for iPhone 6, then choose “Search Tools”
Then click the arrow beside
“Any time”

Now choose
“Custom Range”

You can leave “From” blank

Set “To” to September 1, 2014



How might Jason best find information about products that are still in development?

Where, aside from the manufacturer, might Jason be able to find reliable information about this upcoming phone?

Aside from standard search engines, what other sources might Jason utilize to gain up to the moment information?
Jason has visited the following websites:


Jason will have to determine what of the information he collected is fact, and what information is merely speculation.

Now that Jason has found a wealth of websites and information about the iPhone 6 and its new features, how will he choose which sites to further investigate?

When searching through the plethora of information, what questions should Jason ask in trying to narrow down his search?

Once Jason focuses on a few select sites, there are 5 criterion he should use in order to determine the sites' validity in reference to the iPhone 6.


When evaluating the validity of these websites, it is important to ask critical questions.

What are some other questions Jason should ask when applying these criteria to the websites they have chosen?

Some examples are:

Who authored the site?
What are the author’s credentials?
Are there references in the article?
Is there contact or author information or on the website?
What type of a site is it? Is it a .org, .edu, or a .com (i.e. remember that anyone can register a .org)
Is it a blog – if so, is this information valid? Is this personal opinion or biased information?

Evaluate (Cont’d)

and reliability of the website and its information
How can Jason verify this information?
What are some other questions Jason should ask in order to decide the accuracy of the information being presented?

- who is the author of the website?
Is the author a subject matter expert on the iPhone 6 or other smartphones?
What is another question Jason should ask when deciding the accuracy of this or other websites?

- is the information presented about the iPhone 6, fact, fiction, or biased?
Is the website trying to sell something, i.e. the iPhone or other smartphone?
What are some other questions to ask in determining the objectivity?

- is the information presented current?
When was the website last updated?
Where can Jason find this and other information to prove its relevancy?

- how thorough is the information on this website?
How do we know this is valuable information?
What else might Jason look for in determining the validity of these topics?

Evaluate - The 5 Criterion:
Jason will need to narrow down his scope on what information should be included in the RFP in order to make the largest impact and may have to return to the access stage to ensure he has collected all the required reliable, credible, and relevant information.

How can Jason confirm within the RFP that the information he sourced is valid?

How much information and data will need to be incorporated within the RFP?

Based on Jason's list of what needs to be included in the RFP, is he missing any pertinent research?

Should Jason have researched what information is required for a RFP in the access stage?

Should Jason have researched and provided information on another smartphone as an alternate plan?

Jason feels he has obtained sufficient information through defining what is required, accessing relevant information through various channels and combing through his research.

Jason wants to ensure the following will be included in the RFP:
Benefits of converting from Blackberry to Apple
Technological advances
Cost of conversion and Return On Investment
Statistics and forecasting
Navigation and ease of access
The potential impact of the change (positive & negative)
Integrate cont’d
Jason must formulate an effective design for the proposal that communicates all of the required features and benefits while ensuring it also draws the attention of The Tech Warehouse.

Jason will need to make sure the language he uses is clear and appropriate for his audience.
1. Would there be any added benefit to the RFP if Jason were to include screen shots of the research he has conducted regarding the iPhone 6?

2. Who is Jason’s target audience/key stakeholders for the RFP?

3. What is the most effective method Jason can utilize to ensure his proposal is communicated effectively?

4. What can Jason add to the RFP to ensure it stands out from any others?
The Presentation
How did Jason do?
For Jason’s next presentation, what should he do the same?
What should he do differently?
After the Presentation





"Huge for Developers. Massive for Everyone else." Apple. Apple, 8 June 2014. Web. 10 Aug. 2014. <http://www.apple.com/ca/ios/whats-new/>.

Critical Information Literacy, Module 5.1 AEDT3110. Allyson Eamer, November 3, 2014. <www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4qAiOsYjvM>
Tasks (Cont.)

In order for Jason to become a critical user of online information, where should he search for information on how to evaluate website information and for an explanation of these criterion?

How can Jason properly analyze all this information and determine its effectiveness when searching for iPhone6 features that would benefit The Tech Warehouse?

Information adapted from (Eamer, 2014).
Create a presentation to represent the research you've conducted for this RFP, playing the part of Jason. Your presentation should be less than 5 minutes in length and should provide a concise overview of the assignment Jason has received.

You can create your presentation using any medium you want (PowerPoint, screen capture, live video, etc.) and post that presentation to YouTube. Share your link with other learners. You will all be evaluating one another.

In creating your presentation (and evaluating others) it is important to keep the DAEIC steps in mind. Also, you are expected to use only that information that would have been available to Jason before September 1, 2014. This assignment is designed to help you appreciate how quickly information changes on the internet and how easy or difficult it might be in evaluating assignments after new information is revealed.
Use the following as a guide to evaluating presentations. As each learner is playing the role of "Jason", the questions are directed at this fictitious character.
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