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laura anstine

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of kleptomania

laura anstine

Kleptomania is the uncontrollable urge to steal, even though the person does not need the item, or can afford to but it.
The cause of Kleptomania is unknown. some causes they are trying to determine if it is genetically caused or not.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries kleptomania was discussed as stemming from the "hysteria" of the uterus. By 1920 this classifiction disapeared as more shoplifting males were discovered and no scientific proof could support this theory.
Recently kleptomania has been classified on the obsessive compulsive disorder spectrum but evidence suggests it may also be tied to addictive and mood disorders
0.6 % of the population believed to have Kleptomania, although it is rarely diagnosed willingly. Kleptomania is more common in girls
There is a 65% tie between Kleptomania and Bulemia.
Famously Afflicted
Winonna Ryder
also afflicted
"Please do not feed the bears"

We all know Yogi, he lives in jellystone, a dense and beautiful forest park. He's also a kleptomaniac. we know for a fact that Yogi and his good pal Boo-Boo are very capable of supporting themselves, we see them eating berries and fish time to time, but Yogi always attempts to steal those picnic baskets although it rarely works.
Kleptomania often appears with other diseases such as obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa and depression
symptoms include
The inability to resist or surpress urges to steal
Increased tension leading up to the theft
Guilt, remorse, self-loathing, and anxiety of arrest after the theft

Winona Ryder, birth name of Wynona Laura Horowitz
was born october 29 1971.
She changed her last name from Horowitz to Ryder
for her first film, Lucas (1986)

Winona was charged with vandalism and theft after
stealing from Saks Fiffth Avenue for a grand total of 5,560 dollars.
She also had problems with anxiety, that may be from

Activity: Yogi's baskets
Choose either basket A or B.
i will then reveal if the basket has food (Yes!) or Ranger Smith. (Gulp.)
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