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Blogging...it's elementary!

How Ms. Lieu at Isla Vista School is using blogs in her classroom.

Melanie Lieu

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Blogging...it's elementary!

(Digital) Information Literacy Using Standards to Inform Instruction Safety and Security Anonymity (Digital) Citizenship Ms. Lieu's Classroom Process Finding a platform Blogging ... it's elementary! Technology Subject-Matter Competency Writing Assessments Teh Internetz Oh noes! Digital presence and image Responsible user names and passwords Private and Public Information Support Admin Capability Room for Error and Growth My 4th graders figured out how to change their avatars with guidance only from their classmates. It was really very heartwarming to watch it all unfold. ..and community building ...and FREE! Default privacy settings Approve comments before they are posted Support page is easy to navigate The admin Dashboard lets the teacher oversee ALL activity. My favorites include approving comments and seeing drafts of posts not yet published. Blog posts are a great way to springboard into conversations and turn little "mistakes" into teachable moments in the classroom. This is far preferable to having mistakes turn into troll fodder in the greater blogosphere. I really like free stuff. This interface is simple and is designed after WordPress. The skills and vocabulary they practice on KidBlog can be transferred outside of the classroom. In my class, I've let my students pick their own usernames and form their own online identity as an extension of their interests. A big thank you to Mr. T at Brandon School for the tip! "Ms. Lieu! I need help inserting my image into my post."
"Did you check your desktop? or maybe it's in your documents folder?"
"Oh wait.. I forgot to export it to .jpg. It works now." Can anybody hear me? ...help...
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