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Fast Food

Why and how fast food is bad for you. Facts about fast food.

Rachel Jaune

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Fast Food

2) Quesadillas- Flat bread with chicken and melted swiss cheese rolled into one! ($7.30) Eating Fast Rachel's Prezi Menu Breakfast 1) Breakfast Buffet- 2 hash browns with 2 pieces of toast. ($7.00)
Main Courses 1) Hummus- Pita bread with a chickpea hummus. ($6.25)
Drinks Drinks 2) Fruitmania- Yogurt with fruit stirred into it. ($5.00) 3) Blueberry Muffin- A blueberry muffin with no icing. ($3.00) 4) Eggs benedict- An English muffin with egg, ham and hollin day sauce. ($5.00) 5) On the go- Sausages with toast on the side and coffee. ($3.50) 1) Fresh squeez- Fresh squeezed orange juice. ($2.50) 3) Wrap- A wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. ($5.25) 4) Fettuccine- Fresh noodles with peas, shrimp and sauce. ($8.00) 5) Grilled Salmon- Grilled salmon with a dry salsa. (salsa includes: mango, green, yellow and red peppers, tomatoes) ($5.25) 2) Water- Pure water. ($0.99) 3) Milk- Skim milk. ($1.25) 4) Smoothie- Fresh fruit smoothies. (starwberry, mango, kiwi, pineapple) ($1.75) Side Dishes 1) Caesar Salad- Fresh lettuce with croutons ($2.50) 2) Fruit Salad- Strawberries, pineapple, cherries, oranges, watermelon and cantaloupe. ($1.50)
3) Spinach dip- Pieces of bread cut up into bite size pieces, with spinach dip. ($1.00) Dessert 1) Quatre Quarts- An old fashion french cake with no icing. ($2.50) 2) Pumpkin Pie- No wiped cream. Comes with a free glass of skim milk to wash it down. ($3.50) 3) Mango cake- Cake with fresh mango. No icing. ($1.75)
4) Ginger bread- Ginger bread cookies without icing but still delicious! ($1.00) THE END! THANKS FOR WATCHING MY PREZI!!
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