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MAARS Military Robot

No description

benjamin kraemer

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of MAARS Military Robot

MAARS Military Robot
Tasks that the MAARS robot can preform
increase security at forward locations
target finding
Where the MAARS robot is deployed
The MAARS robot is in use in the 519th Military Police Battalion, 1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.
Programming MAARS
The Programming for the MAARS
robot is confidential.

The robot is controlled by a operator
with a brief case size box with controls
the robot can shoot 7.62 M240B machine
gun or a 50 Cal Barrett high power
anti-material sniper rifle.
Sensors on the MAARS
the MAARS robot has, thermal and video sensors, sensitive microphones and speakers to communicate with civilians and other troops. The robot is currently being evaluated by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Special Operations Command and the National Guard.
Advantages of the MAARS
Some advantages of the MAARS robot is...
Puts the robot in the line of fire not a other soldier
can go behind enemy lines and set up surveillance
it can also do reconnaissance missions without the worry of a human casualty.
disadvantages of the MAARS
some disadvantages of the MAARS robot is...
Isn't resistant to a EMP ( Electromagnetic Pulse)
It could run out of bullets
The control panel could have something spilled on it or broken
The impact of the robot on its enemy/target
The impact of the MAARS robot is somewhat small. The MAARS robot was intended to take the place of a soldier or police in a potentially dangerous situation. Like a mob of rioters the MAARS would be able to shoot them with none-lethal bullets.
What Jobs the MAARS makes
The MAARS robot needs a operator who can control the robot good and is able to aim the gun so it creates a operator job.
Potential of the MAARS robot in the future
The Military could advance the robot by putting some kind of arm to grab things like a explosive or find a way for the robot to reload its gun itself.
Functions of the MAARS
The MAARS robot can shoot things/people
carry a person in a sled
can set up surveillance on a enemy position.
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