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Matthew Trowbridge

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Quebec!

Quebec! Quebec is a Providence in Canada and is located here: Plains of Abraham The plains of Abraham is a 108-hectacre plot of land where many battles between the British and French armies occured. it is the metaphorical center of Quebec and celebrated it's 102nd birthday on march 17 as a national park. Canyon de Saint Anne The canyon of saint anne is 74 meters high
and falls into a 1.8 billion year old hole. It also contains a Zip line and the highest pedestrian bridge in Canada. Basic French Hello Bonjour
Hello, my name is Bonjour mon nom est
Where is the Bathroom? Où est la salle de bains?
May I please have the... peux j'ayez s'il vous plaît le
Goodbye Au revior
Thank you Merci
You are welcome Vous êtes l'accueil
I am lost. where is the... Je suis perdu. où est le Food in Quebec Quebec has a huge variety of unique foods. Here is a list of some of the best:

Tourtiere: a Traditionally-made quebec meat pie
Soupe aux pouis: thick pea soup with ham broth.
Feves au Lard: Pork and baked beans
Tarte Au Sucre: Sugar pie with maple syrup
Poutine: A concoction of French Fries, Gravy, and Cheese.
Pate Chinois: A shepards pie made with beef, corn, onions, and mashed potatoes Religion in Quebec Of the 7.125 million inhabitants of Quebec, the largest religion is Christianity, with about (6.4 million) followers. This is followed by Muslim (108 thousand), Jewish (90 thousand) and Buddhism (41.3 thousand followers) History of Quebec and other related facts Quebec covers about 15.5% of candian land and covers 1.5 million square kilomaters. Quebec was orginally ruled in the south by the french and the north by the British. In 1982 Quebec's call to be an independent county was shot down by the Canadian governmet By: Matthew Trowbridge
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