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Roman Clothing

No description

Holland Hartman

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Roman Clothing

Everything you will need to know about
the fashion in Rome Roman Clothing Womens clothing Girls Clothing The girls clothing was a long belted tunic. They had one tunic
that was so long that they had to fold it at the top. Men and Boys Clothing The men and boys did not have trousers, instead they had togas. A toga is a massive and bulky piece of clothing, but this made a great appearance.
They didn't go to town without shoes unless they were very poor. There were two different styles of shoes there was a soleae which were sandals, and a calcei which were shoes.
Soon cloaks came along to protect rich mens togas from getting dust or rain on it. The women of Rome wore a stola which was a long tunic with a
belt. The stola went to there
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