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Exit Through the Gift Shop

Rhetorical analysis of the documentary of the same name. For Yarborough's 5th period AP English 3 class.

Eric Strange

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Exit Through the Gift Shop

A French immigrant to Los Angels, Thierry Guetta filmed everything he ever did. A filming enthusiast, Thierry became involved with various street artists through his cousin, who was known as Space Invader. Thierry enjoyed filming street art, and claimed to be filming for a documentary on street art. When he finally created the “Documentary”, Banksy the street artist Thierry became most obsessed with, realized Thierry had no idea what he was doing, so he encouraged him to put on a small art show, and let Banksy edit the footage himself. Thierry instead put on an art show by mass producing tons of unoriginal screen printed designed by hired artists, put his own name on it, and then sold it for outrageous prices. Argument Structure Techniques Position Banksy begin with Thierry’s original footage of him discovering the culture of street art, becoming surrounded by it, and how the art work they make is very vast and it makes a statement when it is placed in public, and then often torn down within days afterwards. Then there is a very obvious shift in the way Thierry is portrayed in the film. He goes from curious innocent spectator, to self-proclaimed street artist sellout. After this shift in the video, editing techniques that are chosen accentuate how much of an fake he is, and aim to make him look like an idiot. Tone The tone is very degrading towards Thierry, climaxing toward the end of the documentary where he is consistently portrayed as bossy, ignorant, and greedy. Both the artists interviewed, and the narrator throughout the entire film, often speak very poorly of Thierry. The way the film is edited; Thierry’s poor English is exposed, often making him look stupider than he may be. Everything is shot without a tripod, from Thierry’s point of view, giving it a personal feel that makes the viewer feel as if they are experiencing the idea of street art firsthand. Banksy’s documentary portrays this very well, while Thierry’s documentary is “like a person with a short attention span flipping through a 900 channel cable box at high speeds.” Choice editing displays the bias of the filmmakers extremely well, showing their dislike of Thierry, even makes the audience dislike Thierry. Through this Film Banksy and the other street artists are trying to show how Street art is a Medium that should be appreciated without a monetary value placed on it.
Thierry is the antithesis of this, selling out on mass produced paintings based off of other peoples work. Exit Through The
Gift Shop a rhetorical analysis by
Garrett Braun
Andrew Camp
Eric Strange
Paul Thorsen Making A Statement Through Art
Making Art for Money To make us like Thierry in the way the artists originally liked him, the editor presents us a story about Thierry’s childhood, and how his mother died without him knowing she was ever even sick. This also explains Thierry’s affinity for film.
In the second half of the movie, when Thierry attempts his own street art, Banksy and the editors choose clips of Thierry at his most vulnerable moments, to put him in a bad light. Similar to the choice edits, Banksy includes several clips where patrons of Thierry's art show praise him for the originality of his work and his talent. This is incredibly ironic because Thierry is simply copying what he has filmed. This again makes Thierry look like a fake. Irony OBEY
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