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Milestone 4

Completion of Experiment

matthew downey

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Milestone 4

Milestone 4: Exploring the experiment Narrative: Use of Kismet Level Streaming Test procedure Completed the experiment scripting

Polished the visuals Post Process Volumes To create the most beautiful visuals possible the team copied the media-industry technique of colour grading that enchances or tints the scene colours. The tint in the screenshot is exaggerated to show the effect more clearly.
HooverBoard The use of the hoverboard specifies what motivates the player: if they use it to optimise their gametime with maximum efficiency (e.g. to cover ground faster), this signifies extrinsic motivation, whereas if they use it for self-set goals (e.g. jumps, reaching views, playing with the board) then it would be intrinsic Next Steps... Observations by team members

Pre & Post Questionnaires Prototype Test Trial the test on sample
testers to see if all team members
record the same information Visual scripting Language Simplified Design quicker to design Has its limitations How the Team Records data; 1 week to Test and refine the experiment / Grading Pickups Standard weapons for general use have been placed around the environment. Also available for use are ammunition, health, and special powerups such as invisibility.

Most pickups, which signify extrinsic motivation for exploration, are gathered in clusters to simplify test analysis. They are also placed mostly away from "the beaten track", which again simplifies test analysis.

Special weapons are reserved for specific uses. For example, the redeemer on the roof of a building in the town area is a big target for extrinsic players, and so we expect players of this type to spend considerable time trying to reach it. The game levels and test-experiment procedure need to
be tested toensure all team-members record data evenly
and without bias.

Any problems we identify in this phase will be corrected
early next week.

We plan to begin the research experiment phase in the
latter half of next week. Use of a persistent level Loading screen is a filtered tunnel Npcs Infinite Respawn finite Respawn Narrative elements were added to the levels as a purely intrinsic motivator.

There is no reward for completing the quest other than satisfaction on the part of the player. It is also made clear that the "quest" is completely optional.
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