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대한민국 구석구석 모바일

한국관광공사 대한민국 구석구석 모바일 어플리케이션

김승현 김승현

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of 대한민국 구석구석 모바일

"Korea Tour Guide"Application? What is the It has more than 30,000 data covering every corner of Korea Location based technology gives local information about festivals, tourist attractions etc. as users approach relevant places Creative UI design focusing on user's experience and interactions Entire menu conveniently accessed from the main screen Automatically refreshes travel information search results based on user's current location 대한민국 구석구석 내손안에 구석구석 감사합니다. Offers various local information based on a map service With high-end technology,it is easily accessible from any type of mobile device and is available on high-resolution devices Communicate with customers via VOC menu Awards Service Features It Allows direct link to website or phone number Brief History Launched the first version of the "Korea Tour Guide"App 2011. 02 Hit a million downloads in the first two months 2011.04 Hit 1.5 million downloads 2011.12 Start up the service for the second version of the application 2012.06 Reached more than 2million downloads 2012.09 Travel with family
or with significant other We are always with you whatever you want,
wherever you go! Korea Tourism Organization 대한민국구석구석 Smart Tour Guide Introduction 한국관광공사 'App of the Year Prize'in 2011
'Information Culture Awards of Korea'in 2012. etc. What to do Where to go Accommodation Real-time traffic information & Road Finder Current Location
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