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Gay Marriage

No description

Rebecca Jansen

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Gay Marriage

~-~-Round Table-~-~
Inquiry Question
-Survey Results-
My inquiry question: Is gay marriage becoming more accepted in today's society?
People shouldn't have to debate to be able to get married, it needs to be a right! They shouldn't need or even have the feeling that they have to argue to be married to the one they love. In New Zealand gay marriage has been legalized. I believe that it should also be legalized in Australia. as New Zealand and Australia are very similar places.
I surveyed 73 people. 43 of these people were boys and the other 30 were girls. I asked them if they thought that gay marriage was becoming more socially accepted today...

All of the boys said "yes" which I was quite happy about because generally a lot of boys dislike gay people.

28 girls said "yes" and 2 said "no", this result surprised me a little as one of the people whom said "no" is gay. I was shocked and disappointed that she feels this way because I believe that more people are starting to accept the fact that gay couples should have the right to get married just as much as straight couples do.

Why is gay marriage still not legal in Australia?

Gay marriage is still not legal in Australia because of our prime minister... Everything is being done to try and change his mind but whether he is going to listen or how long it will take him to change his mind about gay marriage is unknown. :(

-Prime Minister-
-Marriage Equality-
Before the latest election Kevin Rudd released the marvelous news stating that if he was granted with the job of being Australia's new Prime Minister that 100 days after he was elected he would legalize gay marriage. Unfortunately Kevin Rudd lost against Tony Abbott who is completely against gay marriage, even though some of his family members and close friends are gay.
How can people think it is okay to discriminate and single out gay people? I believe it's totally UNFAIR!!
List of countries Gay Marriage has been legalized in...

1. The Netherlands, 2000
2. Belgium, 2003
3. Canada, 2005
4. Spain, 2005
5. South Africa, 2006
6. Norway, 2009
7. Sweden, 2009
8. Iceland, 2010
9. Portugal, 2010
10. Argentina, 2010
11. Denmark, 2012
12. France, 2013
13. Brazil, 2013

My Uncles
My uncle and I have been very, very close since the day I was born. When I found out he was gay and was old enough to understand it properly our relationship didn't change one bit! I don't mind if he likes boys instead of girls it just means I get an extra uncle!
Nothing is different because it doesn't matter at all if he is straight or gay...It's his life and his decisions... He's still the same person.
My opinion...
Tony Abbott
4.My knowledge
5.Friends, family and teachers

Why he is against gay marriage?
Tony Abbott is against gay marriage because he believes that a woman and a man are meant to be together not a boy and boy
or a girl and a girl. Unfortunately, Tony Abbott feels very strongly about this and it will definitely not be easy to change his mnd about gays.
By Rebecca Jansen!
#1. I was against gay marriage... Until I realized I didn't have to get one.
-James Carville
#2. If you don't like gay marriage, then blame the straight people... They're the ones who keep having gay babies.
To me same-sex marriage is no different to a straight marriage. The couples will face the same problems, still be in love and can both be amazing parents. If celebrity’s can be married for 72 days or 55 hours then why can’t gays be married for a lifetime? Exactly like the rest of us… I want gay marriage to me legalized for so many reasons but the main one is because I just want to see my uncles and close friends get married, fair enough they are happy now but to see them on their wedding day to get that little piece of their heart filled. Some people may think marriage is just a ring, but to me it’s a promise for your lifetime. So why can’t gays enjoy this happiness too?!
Interview- Marriage Equality

I chose to interview one of my close friends that is gay so i could find out what it is like for someone who is gay to be going through a time when they are unable to get married where they've lived and grew up.

6. Are you proud to be gay?
I guess I am proud.
7. How do you feel about marriage equality?
I think that it’s stupid that they ever made it illegal.
8. Do you think gay marriage should be legalized?
I’m 100% for gay marriage.
9. How many other gay people do you know?
Nine or ten
10. Has being gay changed you?
Nope, I’m the exact same person.
11. Do you have any ideas/ solutions to how we could make gay marriage legal or more accepted?
Everything is being done, and I think we will be successful.
People just need to open their minds

Here are her answers...

Why I chose to research this...
I chose to research the topic of gay marriage because I have many close family and friends whom are gay. I also wanted to find out how long it is going to be before society accepts them and they are aloud to be married.
1. How long have you known you were gay?
I’ve been confused about it since the start of year 8.
2. How long was it before you started to tell people?
I told a few people who I could trust and then when I got my first girlfriend is when everybody else knew. So it was a few months after.
3. Were you embarrassed at all?
I was only embarrassed about it with family members, and still am sometimes because they get weird about it.
4. Did people start to treat you differently?
My friends treated me the same. Some people were different but it doesn't matter because they obviously weren't good friends
5. Have you ever had a relationship with a person of the same gender? If so how long & was it serious?
My first relationship with a girl was just a couple of weeks.
And then the other one I would say was serious. We were off and on for a year. And probably still not over...
What is a gay relationship?
A gay relationship is a relationship between two people of the same gender.
Benefits of gay marriage:
-It gives more kids an opportunity to have two
-All the protesting will stop!
-More world peace, they will have a chance to be
Overall Answer to inquiry question..
Overall, I believe gay marriage is becoming more accepted in the society today because people are stating to realize and accept the fact that gays are no different to them. People need to acknowledge that they deserve happiness too! I believe that gay marriage is socially becoming more accepted today but now we just have to wait and convince Tony Abbott to think the same…
My product...
I chose to create a protest sign so i could emphasis the effect of what efforts these people go to just to try and convince Parliament to let them marry the one who they love.
Countries where gay marriage is legalized...
Argentina (2010)
Denmark (2012)
The Netherlands (2000)
South Africa (2006)
Belgium (2003)
England (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
Spain (2005)
Brazil (2013)
France (2013)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009)
Canada (2005)
Iceland (2010)
Portugal (2010)
Uruguay (2013)

There are also two countries which have partially legalized gay marriage... These countries are
and the
United States
#3. People are so quick to judge others faults, but are never quick to point out their own.
Thank you for watching my presentation about gay marriage.
I hope you now have a better understanding of what it feels like for a gay person to have to live and not share their happiness with the one they love...
Created by... Rebecca Jansen!
Made with............... Prezi.com
How long is it going to be before these people are accepted?!!
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