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heba salah

on 19 January 2013

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Company Overview ABC CANTEEN COMPANY Ltd. Our kids , our world
(our mission) Our values Nourishment:We're calling for a back-to-basics real Food revolution. We use locally-grown and produced foods because they taste better, and because we respect our environment. We cook fresh from scratch, using only whole, all-natural ingredients
Value: food culture has seen a steady decline in recent generations, characterized by a dangerous slide away from nutritious and locally-grown whole foods, and toward cheap, highly processed
Service: It would be easier for us to put less attention into what goes into little tummies and minds, but we know that what's easier isn't always better, especially when it comes to our kids' well being.
Sustainability:These days, the environment is on everybody's mind - including ours. We hope to be judged not just by what we create in ABC canteen, but also by our practices.
Legacy:"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." "It will always start with your kid" Our story 1-Executive summary Geographic 2.2.The market Marketing Objective Marketing objective 1. We need to establish ourselves as experts.
2. We need brand-name reference clients.
3. Maintain, steady, sustainable growth each quarter.
4. To be an active and vocal member of the community
5. Draw a good image reflects our responsibilty in the society. Financial objective: 1. Sales of more than half a million Egyptian pound in 2013 and more than L.E 1.5 million by 2017.
2. Gross margin higher than 80%.
3. Net profits higher than 45%. ABC Canteen
swot analysis: Our objective is to leverage our strengths to take advantage of the opportunities our market presents, develop those areas that are weaknesses, and devise contingency plans to address threats if those should become a reality. 3.Marketing Strategy Sales Promotion ABC would use coupon promotion for 6 months ABC would promote in Alexandria Clubs:
which it can reach 75% Target market Advertising (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr THE END

Our mission is to...

Change the way children eat and understand food.

Provide children with delicious, healthy, all-natural meals and snacks.

Reconnect children and families to real food.

Inspire future generations to make healthier choices, every day.

Support local farmers and producers who are as committed to responsible and sustainable business practices as we are. The things we stand for; and stand for us While searching for the ideal school for your kid, you will discover that regardless of neighborhood, price, style, or educational philosophy, No school has a nutritional promoting or health educational program ,or real initiative for regular physical activities . Abc canteen company is the first healthy school canteen in Egypt,, that sells healthy ABC options to students and staff of the lucky contracted schools. Abc canteen is Nutrition Educator, rather than a food provider. A comprehensive approach to promoting healthy lifestyles includes teaching health knowledge and skills within the classroom; the aim of the ABC CANTEEN is to enable students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to make well-informed, healthy choices and to develop behaviors that contribute to the well-being of self and others. Our approach based on: Balanced Diet
a.Nutritional consultation for each and every student by our expert dietitian
b.Designing the adequate nutrition & diet programs
c.The food selection will be made by the student themselves from a varied menu
d.Assuring the delivery of great-tasting foods through our canteen every day
e.The Comprehensive nutrition program consisting of weekly follow-up visits our assigned dietitian to the school who will be noting and charting the progress of the student
f.Implementing healthy lifestyle principles through education and building awareness Physical activity
Sensitization of students and parents about importance of being physically fit through classroom activities and Home Team Material*.
Poster display highlighting importance of being physically fit.
Encouraging students to practice some form of physical activity regularly during recess time.
Developing innovative program for making physical activity sessions enjoyable to students.
Encourage students to adopt measures for including different forms of physical activity in their daily living habits. 2-Situation analysis: 2.1.Market Needs

"Solving the weight and health problem of our Nation." There are an alarming number of children who are overweight or obese. The 2007 National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey found 17% of the children were classified as overweight, 6% of the children were classified as obese and 5% were found to be underweight.
There are many factors that contribute to increasing levels of overweight and obesity. They include:
Children consuming more soft drinks, high fat, sugar and salt based snacks and fewer vegetables
Busy families relying more on take-away foods and snacks which are available in larger serve sizes
Children being driven to and from school instead of walking
More time being spent in sedentary activities such as TV watching, computer and video games
Children spending less time in outside play
Less meals eaten at the table, without the television on A branded image will also be designed to provide instant recognition of our canteen and high
rating of our schools providing a useful framework model for schools to promote and protect
thehealth of students.
• Unique in the healthy concept with no competitor.
• Environmentally friendly concept using clean fuel sources.
• Complete Healthy food production.
• Innovative concept.
• Cooking food properly while maintaining the natural flavors and its minerals.
• High-quality products.
• Certified suppliers.
• Competitive prices according to the level of and product.
• Good selection and amount of items available on the menu.
• Well-trained staff.
• Aggressive starting marketing campaign.service
• Accessible and Convenient Location.
• Very Focused Management/Staff.
• Disability facilities.
• Socially responsible company sponsoring health organizations.
• The developer’s knowledge and experience strengths • New and unknown brand on the market.
• Too focused (specific kind of customers: schools' students).
• Unavailability of permanent place to set up THE ABC canteen at some small size
• Difficulty to assign a lunch break time separate from the regular recess time due to busy
school schedule.
• Majority of Egyptian families with low income ,they cannot bear any additional expenses. Weaknesses • Addresses healthy and environmental concerns of the moment.
• New concept without direct competitors.
• Follow the healthy trends as a new solution.
• Real demand for healthy food canteens for our student.
• Market segment is poised for rapid growth.
• In today's health conscious societies the introduction of healthy food is a great
• Potential to expand and franchise. Opportunities • Potential competitors will try to advertise a similar concept or service.
• Potential competitors, can lower their prices to try to compete.
• High-quality product costs.
• Buying power of established business.
• Exposed to rises in the cost of beef, fish, and dairy products.
• Egyptian Economic Slowdown and great uncertainty.
• Lack of official audited ,and trusted statistics about population and distribution. Threats ABC CANTEEN OVERVIEW ownership -ABC CANTEEN will start as a partnership ;there will be three partners. Facilities The ABC canteen is an attractive, appealing place that everyone enjoys visiting.
Tables and chairs and plants near the canteen create a nice eating atmosphere.
Design and technology students could be involved in construction of such furniture. We recommend to Provide a separate eating area for senior students.
Upon the school request we can create an outdoor eating area with chairs and tables under umbrellas or a sail. Utilize any spare ground near the canteen for a small herb or vegetable garden, or use pots. This not only provides a nice environment for eating, but provides quick and easy access to fresh herbs when preparing foods. The ABC CANTEEN OFFERING positioning COMPETITION a useful service for our kids, juniors, and seniors to help them grow in a healthy way, our service is described as the following:
a- periodic medical analysis and health check-up
B-healthy food for the participant children
c.generate periodic reports to parents showing the children's health status and improvement curve.
d•offer memberships in GYM and health club at discounted rates.
e.provide interactive website and call center for the participants.
f.offer memberships in GYM and health club at discounted rates. The ABC Canteen will offer the following:
a.comfortable canteen design provides an ideal place.
b.Accommodate the maximum number of tables and chairs without making the canteen look jam-packed or overcrowded.
c.The flooring should be slip-resistant and easy to maintain
d.Adequate lighting&moving Area
WHAT''S ON OUR YUMMY MENU? Fuel up! Morning Snack

Our snacks always contain at least two food groups, and variety is important. Fruits and whole grains are stressed in the morning, and kids love our fun and creative snack ideas - like our Banana Roll-up Delicious, all natural lunch
Our 4-week rotating menu includes grass-fed beef, naturally-raised chicken, mouth-watering fish, whole wheat pasta , plus an inspired mix of rices, whole wheat bread and colourful combinations of vegetables - with a particular focus to get any of these ingredients locally grown and organic whenever possible. ABC canteen has no competitors, and the only alternative is fast-foods or junk-foods canteen, selling hot-dogs, soft-drinks, milky freezes, party pies, pizza etc. ABC Canteen target market focuses on students of age between 2 and 17 years old in private and international schools of tuition annual fees above $2300. aiming to improve their health and increase their awareness about avoiding non-healthy foods to prevent potential diseases in future. Messaging Target Market Messaging Kids (2 - 5 Years)
Juniors (6 - 12 Years)
Seniors (13 - 17 Years) Wealthy,only if healthy.
Eat fresh Everyday.
Stay strong, live long. Our messages Marketing Mix:
The success of ABC canteen
could described using the 4 Ps Product place pricing promotion Product:
The availability of ABC canteen inside your school is going to support the positive its image as a whole Pricing ABC Canteen strives to minimize costs for all participants
The customer will have the advantage to choose its preferred payment method, which will be on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually basis.
The pricing model is expected to remain constant, but customer feedback will be analyzed to ensure alignment with their requirements.
The fees will include all the service package, periodical analysis and check-up, daily meals, periodical reports, health advice & tips, and phone calls in emergency cases. Initial pricing model: Item Kids Juniors seniors Time $/unit $/year $/year $/year $230.0 $300.0 $380.0 Promotion Our promotion strategy focuses heavily on Public Relation officers in private and international schools, with no emphasis on advertising or direct marketing.
-Second participant discount UP TO 25%
-Monthly winner
-Interactive website Advertising We depend on quality delivery and word-of-mouth recommendations. PLUS other low budget tools:
ABC canteen official web site
Updated blog ,face book page,and twitter account
weekly school newsletters
school website
school orientation information for new parents
orientation evenings
parents’ evenings
local newspaper. ABC CANTEEN SALES PLAN -Hiring employees who enjoy their job and ABC unique offerings.

-Interacting with the customers personally,so feedback directly comes to us. Personnel plan The staff will include 32 employees,who work a total 90 man-hors/week/employee
-Public relation (5 employees):for contacting our current &potential customers
-Finance&accounting(2 employees):handling internal & external financial matters.
-5 Chief chef :with minimum 5 years of experience in 5 stars hotel in the same position.
5 Cooks : assisst & work direclty with the chief chef.
10 waiters
5 Dishwashers, 5 housekeeper Financial PLAN Around us.$500.000 of investment are indeed during our first year for renovation,furniture,kitchen equipment,business license,food supplies, legal fees,working capital,marketing,and personnel.
Important assumptions:
-we assume a growing economy,without major recession
-we assume constant increase in our popularity.
-we assume access to financing& investment are sufficient to fulfill our financial plan Implementation plan: Our strategy is simple we intend to success by giving our customers combination of great,healthy food,and health. Implementation is simple ,but that is in the doing of it ,not in the plan. -In that event that our venture cannot achieve profitability , we will:
*Sell the operation and use the proceeds to clear our outstanding balances.
*Any other balance will be borne by the partners
on a weighted percentage basis Finally: Exit plan: Project type: Marketing plan for new product

Presented to:Dr.Ahmed samadiky

Group Members names: Amr elfar
Micheal Boctor
Heba salah eldin Thank you for your kind attention ABC CANTEEN WILL START ITS OPERATION THIS YEAR IN ALEXANDRIA: Market Analysis Potential Customers

Kids (2 - 5 Years)

Juniors (6 - 12 Years)

Seniors (13 - 17 Years)

Total Growth




12.79% 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
245,000 281,750 324,013 372,615 428,507 15.00%

350,000 392,000 439,040 491,725 550,732 12.00%

105,000 115,500 127,050 139,755 153,731 10.00%

700,000 789,250 890,103 1,004,0951, 132,970 12.79% 2.2.1. Market Demographics a. Geographic':
The ABC geographic target area is currently Alexandria. We can serve only international & private schools in Alexandria. The Egyptian ministry of education divided Alexandria schools into six districts: Zone



F Area


Shark (Eastern)

Wassat (Central)


Agamy (Western
al-Gomrok Percentage





5% Potential schools are only schools that have tuition fee more than $2300/student/year b. Demographics:

We are targeting targeting approximately 700,000 students in Alexandria, the demographics of this segments are as the follwing:
•Kids from 2 to 5 years represent 35%
•Juniors from 6 to 12 years represent 50%
•Seniors from 13 to 15 years represent 15% Market Demographics Market Segments

Kids (2 - 5 Years)

Juniors (6 - 12 Years)

Seniors (13 - 17 Years) Gender LeadSport Decision Average Sale Loyality Status

50% Male Running Low High High

50% Male Soccer Moderate Moderate Moderate

50% Male Soccer - PS3 High Low Moderate
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