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No description

Cynthia Mercado

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of TOM FORD

Spring/Summer 2014

Fierce Glance into the New Age
Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014 RTW
Art Institute of Chicago
Bridge to Success
Elements of Collection
Tom Ford was born in 1961 in Texas.
Cynthia Mercado: Backstage Manager and Starter

Nandi Anyabwile: Ambiance Designer

Bonnie Vansledright: Party Coordinator

Melissa Johnson : Personel Ambassador

Jennifer: Director of hair and makeup, model casting director

Maddy Thiers: Tech coordinator, Designer Handler

We were inspired by the artistic mosaic element to Mr. Ford’s standout pieces. We believe they transport the wearer to a whole new world. The woman wearing the clothing is fierce and not afraid to stand out. Our staging, models, lighting, makeup, hair, and venue all illustrate a strong collection that break the mode of traditional and instead portray a futuristic flair.

A Fierce Glance into the New Age
A Fierce Glance into the New Age
Target Audience
Guest List- VIP/first row
Marketing Plan/Social media
Press Release
Calendar of Show Planning
Time and Action Sheet
Fashion Show Budget
Floor plan
Cocktail Hour
Staging, Materials, and Decor
Seating, Gift bags, Program
Hair and Makeup
Kimora Lee Simmon
Kris Jenner
Kelly Cutrone
Nicole Richie
Emma Watson
Kate Moss
Coco Rocha
Ikram Goldman
Melissa Gamble
Virginia Heaven
Iggy Azalea
Lauren Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Carter
Kanye West
Tyra Banks
Jennifer Lopez
Michelle Obama
Anna Wintour
Glenda Bailey
Nena Ivon
Jennifer Aniston
Justin Theroux
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Justin Timberlake
Ellen Degeneres
Portia de Rossi
Robbie Myer
After Show

Renting out the Modern Wing: $10,000

Lighting and staging: $7,000

Ghost chairs: $2,250

Catering: $3,000

Security: $2,000

Models: $12,000

Volunteers: $0

Gift bags: $0
Invitations: $5,000

Advertisements: $0

DJ: $3,000

Hair/makeup: $0

Photographers: $2,000

Tom Ford (transportation, hotel, limo, food): $6,500

All together: $52,750
A group of people wishing to make an impact on poverty and employment in the metropolitan Chicago area founded Bridge to Success in 2006.
The mission of Bridge to Success is to “enhance employment opportunities for at-risk, low-income, no-income men, women, and young adults by providing high-end interview and workplace appropriate clothing, coupled with coaching, to build self-confidence through appearance, interview preparation, and sense of belonging in the workplace.”
Has an uncanny way of conveying the same three core themes: sex, power, and divine decadence.” Some like to say he is “fashion’s boldest, most audacious success story ever.”
Ford launched his own fashion brand, which offers menswear, eyewear, and beauty products.
He became the womenswear designer for Gucci in 1990 and the creative director in 1994.
He began studying at the Paris campus of the Parsons School of Design, but eventually switched to fashion.
The cocktail hour for all guests will begin before the show. Guests will gather in the Tom and Margot Pritzker Garden. The bar will be located in the Anne Searle Bent Terrace, which is connected to the garden.
Cocktail Hour Menu

Antipasto with Crackers & Bread
Gourmet Cheese Sampler with Crackers & Bread
Fresh Seasonal Fruit
Vegetable Crudité & Spinach Dip
This segment of the event is in close proximity to where the show will be held, making it easy for guests to get from place to place with ease.
We chose these names based on the Tom Ford eyewear collections.
A variety of snack platters are available from Blue Plate, as well as the choice of three different cocktails sponsored by Effen Vodka.
"The Sandra" - cucumber vodka
The Whitney" - salted caramel vodka
"The Charles" - black cherry vodka
The VIP after party will be held for select guests in the main staircase of the Art Institute.
During the after party, Tom Ford, models, and select guests will have time to socialize.
Specialty cocktail will be introduced to the guests during the after party called, "The Ace", which consists of salted caramel vodka, red apple schnapps, apple cider, and lemon sour.
We will provide some ghost chairs (used during the show) for extra seating.
Key motifs in the collection were fractured mirrors and spidery lace
“Strong, powerful woman”
On each side of the runway will be 75 ghost chairs; there will be three rows of 25 chairs on each side.
October 21, 2012 – decide date and theme of show

November 1, 2012 – reserve venue and select charity

April 1, 2013 – finalize design of show

June 29, 2013 – plan merchandise scenes for show

July 2, 2013 – review merchandise

July 9, 2013 – select soundtrack

July 15, 2013 – write draft of press release

July 22, 2013 – design advertisements, invitations, programs,
and tickets

August 5, 2013 – finalize press release

August 12, 2013 – finalize advertisements, invitations, programs, and tickets

August 16, 2013 – print invitations, programs, and tickets

August 19, 2013 – mail invitations and send e-vite
August 20, 2013 – model casting

August 26, 2013 – begin social media campaign

September 2, 2013 – distribute press release

September 9, 2013 – finalize and print show programs

September 16, 2013 – set choreography and stage details

September 20, 2013 – plan seating arrangement

October 2, 2013 – schedule model fittings

October 14, 2013 – pull and transfer merchandise

October 15, 2013 – prepare line-up for show

October 17, 2013 – model fittings and finalize line-up

October 18, 2013 – DAY OF SHOW, model fittings, technical run-through

October 19, 2013 – return merchandise, mail thank-you notes

The clothing in the collection is bold, fresh, and captures the essence of the different facets of a woman. Naturally, we wanted make-up that would reflect that image,as well as compliment the collection. We chose to go with a simple, natural look; basic corrective work as a base (i.e. contouring, highlighting, and concealing). However, the eye make-up brings the drama! The eye make-up consists of a single strip of dramatic false lashes with a jet-black liner across the top eyelid. Gold liquid liner is applied to the lower lash line to make the eyes pop against the bold lashes. This look is universal and will work well with all of the models regardless of complexion or face shape.

MAC Gold Liquid Liner
MAC Falsies Mascara
Ardell False Eyelashes #30
Anastasia Nude Lip Gloss “MOI”
MAC Bronzer, Concealer & Foundation

Continuing with the same theme as the make-up, the hair style we selected was simple, yet bold. Slicked back hair is chic and effortlessly beautiful. Our focus for styling was to keep as much attention focused on the clothing as possible. Therefore, the hair had to be minimal. This style has to be worn with confidence and it demands an assured sense of swagger from the models. In addition, the style shows off the strong cheekbones and structure of the models’ faces as well. Regardless of hair length or texture, this style will make a bold statement.

Sahar Noir for women 2013
Noir Eau de Toilette for men 2013
18 oz. glass bottle filled with gumballs
45g protein bar
Neoprene wine bottle insulator/holder
Two designer notebooks
Designer lotion
Eyeglass care kit
Designer mascara and nail polish
Gourmet snacks and mineral water
$200 gift certificate from a chicago spa

The invitation for our fashion show will represent the key elements of our production. It will consist of both black and gold font, and will resemble the mosaic detailing form parts of the collection.
Glass everywhere to play off of mosaic pieces in collection
Broken shard chandeliers
Spotlights shining up through clear runway
Ghost chairs
Glass boxes filled with water and floating candles
A seating chart was created for the first row.
Successful business women.
Women who are confident, strong and love to stand out.
We are seeking to attract the attention of women who are business savvy and have fun social lives.
They are in their late twenties and are single or married with a steady income for high fashion pieces.
These women own colorful wardrobes and understand what fits their bodies, whether they are a size zero or a size six.
The women we are aiming to reach make enough money to support themselves and/or their families. They have a strong sense of fashion, and in their off time have events and parties where they need trend-setting clothing to dress up in.
Our audience is not afraid to don a leather dress for the office (in an appropriate way with a cardigan thrown over her shoulder), which she can later transition into an evening outfit.
Tom Ford is an iconic designer that is looking to bring his fashions the trendy social lives of Chicago’s fashion crowd.
The Tom Ford collection features skin tight dresses and thigh high lace up boots. All of the pieces are in bold fabrics such as leather or jewel toned mosaic tiles and most of the hemlines are short.
We wanted the lighting to showcase the beautiful colorful glass pieces we are going to display around the Art Institute of Chicago
Going to be underneath the clear plexi glass and will illuminate the models and looks as they are walking
Directly above the runway we will have a row of five chandeliers that will be placed on the beams of the ceiling.
The chandeliers will be made from shards of colorful glass and we will also have clear glass boxes filled with broken glass and bright lights
The music that was chosen for this fashion show represent that strong, bold, sexy vibe that was shown throughout Tom Fords Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
The music mix consist of both strong beats as well as slower beats to have an easy transition from one song to another. Their is a variety of performers in the mix that are portrayed as strong individuals who also have a sense of style, which fit perfectly for our special occasion.
Tom Ford introduces his Spring 2014 women’s collection for release.
Tom Ford recently announced that he will be staging his Spring 2014 runway show in Chicago. The runway show is called A Fierce Glance into the New Age. The show will be held at the Art Institute of Chicago in the Modern wing.
Designer Tom Ford commented saying he “believes all women should feel stylish and able to show their personality through clothing. My clothing is for the modern woman and speaks to those who have confidence. This show is for anyone interested in an innovative runway presentation that evokes art and fashion”.
The event is going to begin at 4pm with a cocktail hour and follow with the fashion show. There will be VIP seating and reserved sections for guests to view the collection. Tom Ford will be in attendance as well as special guests Jay Z and top fashion business woman Ikram Goldman.
We are also partnering with Bridge to Success, a non-profit in Chicago. They work with at risk low income men and women to provide clothing and job coaching. It is important for these individuals to feel confident in their business attire to obtain the best job possible.
Melissa Johnson
PR Manager
Telephone: 1847-528-2552
Email: melissajusa@ameritech.net

Run Of Show
Our Tom Ford spring 2014 fashion show is going to be marketed through various social media outlets and also through media advertisements. First we created a Facebook group that explains the location and will act as a resource for people to find out time, date and preview photos of the location. We will be able to invite people to this group so it is private and they can also communicate with us if they have questions about attending the event. We also created a Instagram social media page because our target audience is in their twenties and thirties and identity with these types of social outlets. They can easily tag photos of our event while they are attending which will create more buzz for our show and production. We also created an advertisement that will run in Chicago based publications such as CS Magazine and Michigan Avenue Magazine. The advertisement will be a full page and feature a main look from the collection and will act as a preview for the future looks to be seen at the show. Overall we want to market from mostly social media since it is free and we will encourage people to repost and connect their friends to our event.


6:00pm : Cocktail hour in Tom and Margot Pritzer Garden begins

6:45pm: Bar closes, seating is now available

7:00pm: Show begins

7:30pm: After party in main entrance begins

8:45pm: After party comes to a close

Twenty professional women who wanted to make an impact on poverty and employment in the metropolitan Chicago area founded Bridge to Success in 2006. It is the only workforce development bridge organization of its kind serving both at-risk men and women in the city.
The mission of Bridge to Success is to “enhance employment opportunities for at-risk, low-income, no-income men, women, and young adults by providing high-end interview and workplace appropriate clothing, coupled with coaching, to build self-confidence through appearance, interview preparation, and sense of belonging in the workplace.” The non-profit is based in Chicago’s South Loop area housed in a boutique like street level space, offering a full-service shopping experience to each client.
The secondary focus of this charity is the operation of a high-end resale boutique, The Bottomline, for the purpose of financial sustainability and the strategic use of donated designer label items and overstocked client clothing. The store is open to anyone and everyone and offers clients to shop for workplace clothing at discounted prices.
The tertiary focus of Bridge to Success is to “serve as a transitional jobs employment site for individuals leaving job training programs requiring actual and immediate work experience to enable tem to find permanent employment.”
We chose this charity because we wanted the theme of our show to be cohesive with the charity. Bridge to Success strives to empower women in the workforce and our show will do just the same by showcasing fashion to significant women.

Gift Bags:
Thank you
all for coming!!
Any questions?
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