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obama grace hoyne prezi

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of obama grace hoyne prezi

First African -American President
of America Barack Obama II o HISTORY november, 6th ,2008
history was made as we elected
our frist African-American president.
Barack Hussein obama II born august ,4,1961
in honolulu,hawaii 51 years ago. Now he &
michelle (wife ) are parenting daughters
natsha ,14 malia ann,11 at the white
house. Did you know ......? last year in 2012 barack won the nobel peace
prize for humanitarion efforts.he also was a state
senate for illinois from 1997-2004 and also went
to puhahou acadamy occidental collage and the
outstanding Harverd law school. Why i look up to obama He was courageous and brave to compete
to be the first African-American president
of America.and move from chicago,illinois to the white house at 1600 pennsylvnia Ave. Obama is trying to do alot for our country as president and wants to be a good one! Inside the family what he did He showed america to be courageous and brave
and to not be afraid to just go for it and he was also a civil rights leader and has been a great romotle
to everyone and imspireing to me and everyone
by doing great things all around america and around the world ! By:Grace Hoyne (Obama family at 2013 Innaugaration in white
house obama far left michelle natsha malia ann far right) Obama family :) Obama family picture
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