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The Lava Lamp

Final Project for English 4- University Of Antioquia

Laura Gutiérrez López

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of The Lava Lamp

The Lava Lamp
Laura Gutiérrez López
When Edward Craven Walker, invented the lava lamp he called it the "Astrolight" or "Astro Lamp, and it became in the most famous and original lamp in the 1960's.
Later in 1965 he presented at a trade show in Hamburg, there Adolph Wertheimer and his business partner Hy Spector bought the American rights to the product and began producing it as the "Lava Lite ®" via a corporation called Haggerty Enterprises and trading under the name "Lava World International @"
The lava lamp is use for decoration and illumination too
When the lava lamp was invented his creator called it "astrolight"
The desing of the lava lamp has been always the same
The lava lamp consumes little energy
English IV Group 20
Project: The Lava Lamp
Systems Engineering
July 18
General objetive: show some information about the lava lamp like its invention, evolution and how it is actually.

Specifics objetives:
Show images and videos of the lava lamp and how it works.
Give information about how was this product invented and its evolution
The Lava Lamp is considered as a bit of fun, decorative. It was invented in 1963 in England.
A lava lamp is as its name says a lamp that is used generally for decoration, and for illumination too, but it doesn't produce many bright.
The lamp consists of a light bulb, a glass bottle containing water (clear or colored), translucent wax and a cable.
The cable and the bulb are hidden in the base metal on which the bottle (the glass) is placed, and act by heating.
The lava lamp became an icon of the 1960s, where constant change and intense color demonstration were compared to psychedelic hallucinations certain popular recreational drugs, such as LSD. In the 1990 Walker sold his rights to Cressida Granger, whose company Mathmos lava lamps continues and other related products.


Glass Bottle
Spring embedded copper base
Paraffin (Wax)
Industrial salt (or the purest you get)
concentrated detergent
Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
You can do a lava lamp:
The Lava lamp's benefits
If you have a lava lamp it will give you:

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