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Two Kinds 1

Intro to Responding to Challenge Unit

Casey York

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Two Kinds 1

Responding to Challenge
: Create a new document in Drive called
Two Kinds 1
. Think about a time you felt pressured. In a well-developed paragraph (including a topic sentence and 3-4 supporting sentences) explain why you felt pressured and how you reacted. "I don't know" or "I've never been pressured" are not acceptable answers.
Now share your answers with the class, while I chart your responses.
Now let's discuss your
Culminating Project
for this quarter.
: How might knowing about the
Culminating Project
before we begin the unit influence the way you read the stories?
In the LOL textbook, use your table of contents to locate
"Two Kinds"
Amy Tan.
In your Google Doc, complete the following
Why do many parents have
high expectations
for their children? What effect might those
have on the children?
Let's read. Follow along while I read aloud.
What is happening in the story?
Who are the characters? What do we know about them? How do we know?
Exit Ticket
: Do you think Jing-Mei's mother is putting too much pressure on her? Explain your answer with
evidence from the text
1. prodigy - (n) a young person who is exceptionally talented
2. indignity - (n) a loss of dignity or honor
3. reproach - (n) blame; criticism
4. ream - (n) a unit usually used to measure paper; typically 500 sheets of paper in one package
5. reverie - (n) a daydream
6. discordant - (adj) having a disagreeable sound
7. lament - (v) to express grief or deep regret
8. devastate - (v) to destroy or overwhelm
9. fiasco - (n) a complete failure
10. betrayal - (n) an act of disloyalty or treachery
A new assignment is posted on Edmodo. It is due by Sunday night at midnight. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get it done by the due date. If you don't have a computer you can use the library here at school or stay after and complete it here using an iPad. Due dates are on the board. WRITE THIS IN YOUR AGENDA BOOK!
To Recap:
1. Finish the story tonight
2. Do the Amy Tan assignment on Edmodo.
Write a paragraph that uses at least three of these words!
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