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No description

Ally Goldman

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of MAGCON

Nash & Hayes Grier
Matt is 16 years old
Makes Youtube videos
Personally my favorite Magcon
Vine; 3.5mil
Instagram; 1.9mil
Twitter; 1.34mil

Hayes is only 13 years old
his older brother is Nash
Hayes followers-
Vine ; 2.2mil
Instagram ; 1.6mil
Twitter ; 925K
Nash is 16 years old
Nash is the most famous magcon
Nashs followers-
Vine ; 7.8mil
Instagram ; 4.1mil
Twitter ; 2.24mil
Magcon ; Meet and Greet Convention.
founded by Bart Bordelon
Bart joined all the most popular teenage vine famous boys together to make Magcon
what they did to become so popular is by making funny videos also because of there looks
it gives them a chance to meet there fans and there fans a chance to meet them
They travel to different city's to have the event of meeting there fans, take pictures, dance and have fun!
Cameron Dallas
Cam is 18 years old
Him and Nash are best friends
Vine ; 4.4mil
Instagram ; 3.4mil
Twitter ; 2.1mil
Matthew espinosa
Carter Reynolds
Carter makes YouTube videos
Him and Matt are very close
Twitter ; 1.15mil
Instagram ; 1.5mil
Vine ; 3.1mil
Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson
They have been bestfriends for a long time
They share there Vine acount
Wrote a song together called paradise
The song hit 2nd most downloaded song on itunes for 16 hours
Jack Gilinsky followers-
Instagram ; 1.2mil
Vine ; 3.7mil
Twitter ; 960K
Jack Johnson followers-
Instagram ; 976k
Vine ; 3.7mil
Twitter ; 871K

Shawn Mendes
Shawn got noticed for his singing
He is Austin Mahon's opening act for his 2014 tour
Instagram ; 1.2mil
Vine ; 2.5mil
Twitter ; 1.11mil
Taylor Caniff
Vine ; 1.4mil
Instagram ; 1.5 mil
Twitter ; 1mil
Aaron Carpenter
Barts family friend
Least famous Magcon
Vine ; 751K
Instagram ; 993K
Twitter ; 779K
Magcon Merchandice
Magcon Tee : $20.00
Logo Hoodie : $40.00
Family Photo Tee : $20.00
Logo snapback : $30.00
Magcon Beanie : $25.00
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