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No description

Delfina Mejia

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Swollen

money needed
$100,000 Total
Product / Services offered
All equipement in a gym, Example treadmills, stairmasters, sets of free weights , Ellipticals , indoor swimming pool. Tanning sessions
Advantages over my competitors
My gym will have an indoor swimming pool, tanning beds and the membership will be very affordable
Lake City, FL
Number of Employees
6 employees :
2 to stand at the front desk
2 to switch off
2 to clean up the gym when needed
Create flyers and spread the word throw out newspaper social medias, and create a web page.
Mission Statement and Logo
Delfina Mejia
7th pd

Other fitness center as such Anytime fitness, and Future Fitness.
Mission Statement : Be the one who stands out , be swollen.
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