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Developing and Marketing of Apps

7th Annual OSS BSS APAC Summit SG

Jonie Oostveen

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Developing and Marketing of Apps

Choosing The Right
Platform Marketing and
App Promotion eBuddy's App Distribution Strategy 2. App Stores 3. Operators 1. Handset
Manufacturers 3 Pillars The usual suspects: But also: Key: Get Featured eBuddy specific data bundles
Promotion Preloading eBuddy Chat and XMS
7 HTC and 5 LG handsets
Nokia Asha S40
Promotion 17 million monthly active users
+260 million mobile downloads
+13 billion messages processed per month
100 FTE
HQ in Amsterdam Average gain in ranks:
+15 iPhone App Store
+27 iPad
+42 Google Play eBuddy XMS: 1 Week Featured in Google Play The Major Smartphone
Platforms In SEA

Android................... 31%
iPhone..................... 19%
Blackberry.............. 10%
Windows Phone..... 6% Sep 2012 Ericsson ConsumerLab 1. Target Group Profile

2. What Phone Do they use Feature Phones:
Q4 2012: 263 million units sold
Decline of only 2.5% y-o-y
FYI: Smartphone growth declined from 55% 2011 to 39% 2012
Conversion from feature phones to smartphones may take longer than expected

Source: IDC Report on Handset Sales Dec 2012 Bought Media
Feature in App Store
(In App) Advertisement
Search Engine Optimization
Operator Promotion Choosing The Right Platform
For Your Target Group Marketing and Promotion eBuddy's App Distribution Strategy Developing and
Marketing Apps 7th Annual
Summit Singapore Jonie Oostveen
Director Strategic Partnerships
jonie@ebuddy.com About eBuddy 3 Topics Know Your Target Group Promotion Source: Distimo 891% increase in week on week downloads +525K downloads 2 days after getting featured still 300% increase in downloads Owned Media
Web and Mobile site
Facebook, Twitter
(App Pricing) Earned Media
App Store Reviews
Blog Review Any app promotion strategy, should have strong focus on downloads Jakarta International Airport Terminal 1, 4 Oct 2012 An Approach For Developing and Marketing Apps 1 2 3 Feature phone



Web Mark Zuckerberg, TechCrunch Disrupt Conference 2012:
"Facebook has more mobile web than app users"

Firefox announcement MWC 2013:
launching Firefox OS in Q2, where all apps are web based (HTML5) Dec 2012: Tablet shipments more than half of PC
Tablet Sales will overtake notebook sales this year Sources: IDC, NPD, Strategy Analytics App Advertisement Ad networks,
Real Time Bidding Exchanges,
Incentivized Download Networks Apple +775K
Android +800K
Blackberry +/- 200K
Windows Phone +/- 130K Number of Apps per Store Made by: Uspeak and Blue Caribu ASO: App Search Optimization Your App Promotion Plan should
have a focus on driving downloads More and more important
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