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Pro Biofuel

No description

Ambrosia Keefe

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Pro Biofuel

Pro Bio fuel
Conserves Fossile Fuels
Renewable Source
Cuts dependancy on foreign oil.
"Cuts emissions of Carbon Monoxide" (Article #2 benefits)
"frees car-drivers from reliance on dwindling fossil fuel resources" (Article #2).
"Industrial processes used to produce biodiesel are cleaner than conventional diesel processes" (Article #2 benefits).
"Ethanol as a fuel additive in small percentages along with gasoline, has helped reduce emissions of various toxic gases particular matter" (Article #2 Not-so benefits)
"Many countries dependent on refined oil products have sustained domestic biofuel production as a means of reducing oil import bills" (Article #1 Benefits)

Tax dollar's fund?
Tax dollars should NOT be used to fund.
Private companies/ college student research teams sould look for sollutions in Biofuel.
Not a necessary product
helps students grow in education
belongs to public-let public decide how to produce
Neoteric Biofuels, Inc.
Article #1 and 2- benefit
Article #2-not-so benefit
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