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What was the Holocaust? What happened? Why do we know about it?

What was the Holocaust? What happened? Why do we know about it?

Caroline Lamming-Chowen

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of What was the Holocaust? What happened? Why do we know about it?

What does the picture make you feel?
What is it about? The painting was made by an artist called David Olere. On February 20, 1943, Olère was arrested by French police during a round up of Jews in Seine-et-Oise and placed in Drancy internment camp.
On March 2, 1943, he was one of approximately 1,000 Jews deported from Drancy to Auschwitz. From this transport, Olere was one of 119 people selected for work; the rest were gassed shortly after arrival. He was registered as prisoner 106144 and assigned to the Sonderkommando at Birkenau, the unit of prisoners forced to empty gas chambers and burn the bodies.
Olère began to draw at Auschwitz during the last days of the camp, when the SS became less attentive Task 1
In pairs, look at the painting again and consider what we have learnt about David Olere, discuss and record your answers to the following questions;

- Who was David Olere and why does he offer us an invaluable insight into the Holocaust?

- What is the painting "Gassing" about?

Extension Question; Does Oleres work offer us the chance to view "reliable and valid" insights into the holocaust or is it "emotive". What was the Holocaust? Aims;
- To discuss and explain what the Holocaust was.
- To examine what happened and analyse and conclude how we know about it.
- To examine the process involved in the Holocaust, empathise with the Jewish people and evaluate what happened. Task 2 - Choose someone who you would like to work with in exploring the Holocaust
- In your pair discuss what you think the Holocaust is and what you already know about it, make notes about this
- You will be watching a very short documentary about the Holocaust, using this video you shall start to make notes about how in your pairs you can make your own Holocaust presentation to the class Task 3 and homework Next lesson you will be presenting your "What was the Holocaust" presentations in the pair you have chosen.
- You must select an area of interest to add to your presentation for homework
- You must research the area at home and produce materials to present to the class (posters or powerpoint etc.)
(you will only have about 10 minutes to finalize your presentation next lesson before presenting so it needs to be finished for homework)
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