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laura angermeier

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Instagram

Today brands need to tell stories, and what’s any good story without pictures? Instagram users are more engaged shoppers!

Instagram is a mobile photo application

Users can apply photo filters and share them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Purchased by Facebook in April of 2012.

93% of prestige brands are on Instagram.

Users spend 257 minutes/month. 57% check daily, 35% check more than 1/day.
Hashtags & Embeds
Hashtags - see what any of the 150 million active monthly users on Instagram are saying about you or your products and services.

Multiple hashtags work!

Track Maven released data showing that interactions by hashtag increased with the number of hashtags used. 1 = 29 avg interactions/1,000 followers. 11 = 77

Web Embeds - the embedding tool allowed bloggers to share their favorite Instagram while giving the photographers the credit (and likes) they deserve.
-In the next couple months, you may begin seeing an occasional ad in your Instagram feed if you’re in the United States.

-Ads will look like normal Instagram photos or videos but will be prominently labeled with the word “Sponsored” at the top.

-If you see an ad you don’t like, you’ll be able to hide it and provide feedback about what didn’t feel right. Can't opt out.
Please Don't
Intro to Videos
What do Filters do?
Over doing it?
What Filters do?
Posting like a Pro!
Third Party Apps
Times To Post?
With the mobility of Instagram it is inherently on “24/7,” making any day of the week optimal for posting.

Most Fortune 500 companies post during business hours, usually around 3-4pm.

Most people post on Thursday, but not necessarily the most effective day

Some say:
Monday at 5 pm
Thursday at 3 pm

Best Performing Filters
Top 3 Most Effective Filters

Please Do
1. Post tons of photos in a row.
2. Forget your hashtags!
3. Over filter your photos
4. Spam your followers
1. Post at different times of day.
2. Include direct link when appropriate.
3. Reply and interact!
4. Hold contests.
5. Choose an appropriate handle.
6. Make sure your bio is up-to-date.
7. Share your posts across your other social media channels.
8. Follow target market & follow competitors' followers.
9. Use 3rd party apps.
10. Add a badge to website.
11. Take advantage of geotagging

When to Post
Unlike an Instagram photo, video effectiveness is impacted by the time of day in which it is posted. There seems to be a high peak of effectiveness during the off-hours from
. This suggested the Instagram users are more likely to engage with videos when not at work, presumably because of the audio component of video.
23.044 interactions
per 1000 followers
18.009 interactions
per 1000 followers
16.407 interactions
per 1000 followers
Statigram - Statistics to manage your account. Others include: Nitrogram, Simply Measured, Curalate and BlitzMetrics.

Tip: See what your most popular images are and use in FB ads!

Overgram - add text to photos

Slow Shutter Cam - mimics a long exposure

Superimpose - blends together two pics

Facetune - best selfie EVER!

FoodShareFilter - adds a border & proceeds benefit fight against world hunger.

PicFrams - combine multiple photos

Most Popular


What to Post?
Best Practices
1. Balance of fun and pictures from your biz

2. Post photos that are relevant to your brand and potential customers.

3. Showcase photos of employees.

4. Sneak preview photos of events or products.

5. Behind-the-scenes photos.

6. Headquarters photos or photos from your office.

(15-second, filter-enabled, editable video functionality)
Brand Examples
What's the difference?
-Good content!
-Hashtags: include your brand specific hashtags.
-Engage: like others' photos & leave comments.
-Follow your established followers from other social media platforms.
-Connect Facebook account & post to page.
-Combine images - PicStich App
Man crush Monday = #mancrushmonday or #mcm

Transformation Tuesday =
#transformationtuesday or #tt

Way back Wednesday =
#waybackwednesday or #WBW

Throwback Thursday =
#throwbackthursday or #tbt

Friday = #Friday, #Fridaynight, #fridays

Saturday = #saturdaynight, #saturdays

Selfie Sunday - #selfieSunday
Reward Followers
Reward followers with perks: discount codes and promos help make your account a priority for your followers.
-Create a relevant hashtag for the contest

-Offer a great prize!

-Post a photo of the prize with rules in caption on first day of contest.

-Update your Instagram Bio with contest info during run.

-Promote on other social media platforms

Instagram allows geotagging—i.e., attaching geographical information to media. Geotagging is of particular use to companies tied in some way to physical locations
Pics vs Videos
Pictures are still by far the most popular.

Avg photo receives 37 interactions/1,000 followers

Avg video receives 24 interactions/1,000 followers.

Tip: Use a good mix of photos/videos to strengthen your account.
Add link to profile. It's clickable.
18-29 = 28%
30-49 = 14%
50-64 = 3%
65+ = 2%
Urban = 17%
Suburban = 11%
Rural 11%
Ellen Show = 3.04 million
National Geo = 3.03 million
Victoria's Secret = 2.62 million
Nike = 2.60 million
Forever 21 = 2.03 million
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