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US Imperialism

No description

Lauren Foehr

on 17 September 2018

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Transcript of US Imperialism

US Imperialism
1823: Monroe Doctrine- warns Europe that if they try to establish colonies in the Americas the U.S. will view it as an "act of aggression" and intervene.
1893: Hawaii annexed; becomes a U.S. territory (not a state until 1959)
was a stopping point for U.S. ships going to China
US businessmen had sugar plantations there
Hawaiian people had no say; Queen overthrown
Spanish-American War
U.S. wants Cuba- Spain controls it
De Lome letter- published, said President McKinley was weak
USS Maine blows up in the Havana harbor; 260 Americans killed
April 1898: U.S. declares war on Spain
First battle is in the Philippines (other Spanish territory)
August 1898: U.S. victory, Treaty of Paris signed, treaty states:
Cuba becomes independent
Guam and Puerto Rico given to the U.S. as territory
Philippines sold to the U.S. for $20 million
1900: Cuba writes Constitution; U.S. insists that the Platt Amendment be added.

Platt Amendment states:
Cuba could not make treaties to limit its independence
U.S. can intervene in Cuba
Cuba could not go into debt
U.S. can buy land for naval stations
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