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biology genetics project

Paulina Malagón

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Genetics

A gene is a fragment of DNA that carries information to synthesize a protein.
Somatic Cells
Somatic cells are the body cells that aren't gametes. They build up tissues, organs, and parts of the living things.
Genotype is all the genetic information; it can be perceived or not.
Inherited characteristics are called phenotype, and usually the dominant gene’s characteristics.
Chromosomes are very compacted DNA structures. They are the genetic material.
Cloning in biotechnology refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms.
Haploid is the term used when a cell has half the usual number of chromosomes.
A cell or an organism consisting of two sets of chromosomes: usually, one set from the mother and another set from the father.
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