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The Four-Pronged Approach

A presentation on the four-pronged approach to teaching reading

Ada Marie Tayao

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of The Four-Pronged Approach

The Four-Pronged Approach Genuine Love for Reading Critical Thinking Grammar and Oral Language Development Transfer Stage OBJECTIVES expressive (value, emotion, empathy, craftsmanship) instructional (reading skills) The Four-Pronged Approach SUBJECT MATTER selection materials PROCEDURE PRE-READING:
Unlocking of Difficulties
Activating Prior Knowledge
Developing a purpose for reading
motivation question
motive question pre-reading during reading DURING READING:
Storytelling Strategy
During Reading Activity The Five Levels of Comprehension: 1. literal
2. inferential
3. interpretative
4. applied
5. creative POST READING: Engagement
initial discussion
engagement activities

5 dimensions

Enrichment activities (story stretchers) Introduction Discussion and Generalization Guided Practice Independent Practice Evaluation Introduction

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