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Marine Biologist

No description

Jasmin Rodriguez

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Marine Biologist

Careers in Science
Marine Biologist
Would you consider

I would consider this a future career. It is very interesting. It would help expand my interest and knowledge in the field. I would like to learn more about it if my interest gets more serious. However I would like to look into different fields in case my interests change.
Nature of the Job
Marine biotechnologists use functions of marine species to make human life better
Some marine biotechnologists study marine organisms to develop drugs that help cure diseases
Molecular biologists use molecular approaches to the study of marine ecosystems organisms
Environmental biologists study how toxic substances in marine environments have impacts on our society.
Brown University
Training or skills
Bachelor's or Master's Degree required in biology
Bachelor's or Master's Degree in marine biology
Bachelor's or Master's in zoology
All three above usually required for entry level jobs
PhD usually is required to carry out independent research in biology and to teach at the university level
Research how ocean acidification affects organisms
Study marine bacteria to discover new compounds for medication
Tag and track whales
Help seafood industry
University of California,
Santa Barbara
Located in Providence, Rhode Island
Providence, RI 02912
Total # of Students: 8,848
Need to major in Marine Biology
Required classes:
Interesting Information:
Emma Watson graduated
from Brown University
Something new I learned today was that...
USCB has 5 nobel prize winners at the moment
To be a marine biologist you also have to take classes like zoology and physics
Every college/university believes that their campus has the most diverse (race wise) number of students
A future career?
Located in Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Total # of Students: 22,225
Need to major in Marine Biology
Required classes:
Interesting Information:
The land that UCSB currently sits on used to be Marine Corps Air Station during WWII
Diana Guzman
Jasmin Rodriguez
Mariana Fuentes
Famous Marine Biologist
Mariana Fuentes is a marine biologist/ecologist. In her first year of undergraduate degree she conducted an internship at Projeto Tamar (a sea turtle group in Brazil). She then ended up loving turtles and felt motivated to conserving marine animals. She now works mostly on writing up and analyzing data.
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