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No description

Eric Delmonaco

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Biomass

Are there any negative effects of biomass?
burning biomass releases carbon dioxide
What is Biomass?
Biomass is material that comes from living organisms. For example plants and animals.
What is the purpose of biomass?
We use Biomass to create electricity or power that is renewable.
can use scrap wood that would be otherwise be thrown away
Biomass project
By: Samantha Miller, Eric Delmonaco and Jack Scanlon.
How Does Biomass Energy Work?
You need to burn it to release energy
When was Biomass energy first developed? Who developed it?
first known use gas company london England in 1812
Where is Biomass energy most commonly used?
California, USA
60 million tons of energy sources for biomass energy due year collect each
California could make up 2000 megawatts electricity
enough make electricity for about 2 million homes
Contains stored energy
contains stored energy
when burned released as heat
Biomass is energy generated or produced by living or once living organisms
What are the advantages of using Biomass?
already contains stored energy
renewable resource when sustainably used and managed
(since can use some garbage)results in less waste sent to landfills
can be converted into several forms of energy
Is Biomass cheap or expensive to purchase and maintain?
can use scrap wood otherwise thrown away
waste-to-energy power plants burn trash to produce electricity
generate enough electricity supply 1.3 million homes
widely available
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Work Cited
create heat, liquid, gaseous fuels, and electricity
Bio fuels- a fuel derived directly from living matter
Bio energy-renewable energy produced by living organisms
Bio gas- gaseous fuel produced by fermentation of organic matter
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