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Transcript of Hydra

The 9 Headed Dragon
Mackenzie & Whitney

Does Hydra have a Roman Equivalent
No, Hydra cannot be found in Roman mythology.
What's some background Information on Hydra
What's a Story about Hydra?
Does Hydra have any special ability's or powers
She was practically immortal
Whenever a head was cut off two more grew in its place
Heracles found he could kill her by cauterizing the stumps
How was Hydra Created?
A story about Hydra is the one where she was the second labor for Hercules/Heracles
But to just sum it up Hercules/Heracles was told to go slay the Hydra "The water serpent." So Hercules/Heracles went to slay the serpent. But he could not kill it for every head he cut off 2 more grew forth. Then a giant crab came to Hydra and assisted her and wounded Hercules/Heracles. However With the help of Hercules/Heracles faithful servant he managed to cut off the heads and burn the stumps.
Hydra's Family
Hydra's parent's are
Hydra's mother
Hydra's father
What are some interesting facts about Hydra or characteristics about her
Some interesting things about Hydra
Hydra is a female
She has parents
Characteristics about Hydra
She's a giant serpent
Work Cited
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Hydra was created by being
She was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna
Some background Info on Hydra is
She has the longest constellation
She has 9 heads
She was practically immortal
What's the modern day allusion of Hydra
Well to tell you the truth it's been the same over the years
Hydra is the 9 headed serpent that was defeated/slayed by Hercules/Heracles
There's also a group called Hydra

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