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This House would introduce a quota for racial and ethnic minority officers in the police service

Sarah Pulfrey-Taylor

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of UDL 2

The Proposition
Our Debating Top Tips
In prep time you need to BRAP
Defining the Motion
What is a quota?
The Opposition
This House would introduce a quota for racial and ethnic minority officers in the police service
UDL Round 2
A quota is a fixed amount of people or things. Here, it means the hiring of a certain amount of police offers from a racial or ethnic minority background.

What do we mean by racial and ethnic minorities?
Every society contains a huge variety of people, with different cultures, languages, nationalities and races.

A “racial and ethnic minority” is a group of people in a country which:
is smaller in number than the rest of the population
has a different colour, culture, language, race or nationality from the majority
is not in a dominant position in society


Positive Role Models
Combat Existing Discrimination
Racial and ethnic minorities are under-represented in the police force
This can lead to discrimination to members of the public
Introducing a quota would correct this mismatch
There are so few racial and ethnic minority officers because they don't want to go into the police service
This may be because of lack of role modes
Ethnic minorities who are in the force now suffer discrimination
Greater representation could help them too
In your speech your need to PEEL
"Token" Status
Bottom Up Diversity
We judge the applicants for a job or role based on their ability to carry out that role better than others.
It is therefore unfair to judge applicants on anything other than their merits.

There are deeper reason why the police has a diversity problem.
This could have the effect of hiding the underlying issues within the police service.
Racial and ethnic minorities might accuse them of not earning their place
It is questionable whether it would actually reduce discrimination
The real solution to this problem is to change the perspective of the police service, amongst racial and ethnic minorities.
This doesn’t require a quota, but instead needs a hard look at the attitude of current police officers, and finding out why the problem exists in the first place.
For example, policies such as stop and search, which are seen as discriminatory of minorities, may be putting these groups off from applying to the police service. I

At the beginning of your speech you need to say
Point - short and sweet!
Explain - why is it true
Example - hypothetical or real
Link - connect your point to the motion
My name is (Lucy) and I'm going to talk about (3) things. These are (A),(B) and (C)
The 1st speaker for proposition needs to define the motion, and needs to include WHO, WHAT , HOW and WHY
How would you introduce this quota? To what proportion?
and most of all... HAVE FUN :)
UDL Elections
In Debate Mate we need...

President - it's your job help to organise motions and speakers
Secretary - you need keep record of debating club meetings, who attends and any important decisions made
Publicity Officer - it's your job to make sure everyone knows about the club!
Elections will be held after UDL 2, and will be held like the balloon game!

Any student can stand for election!
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