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No description

jesus reyes

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Poems

Grapes are really awesome
Grapes taste really good in my mouth
Grapes are so purple
Bubbles oh bubbles They don't give me troubles
Bubbles are great
Bubbles oh bubbles
Bubbles are the light of my day
There as good as lemonade on a hot summer day
Their popping sound is great
Bubbles oh bubbles
Bubbles love to pop
They make that sound before they drop
Bubbles oh bubbles
Generous Green
Jesus Reyes mrs.marroquin p.2

Generous green is really awesome

Green Grass makes me feel great Green makes me think of trees Green makes me feel alive

Green is as great as candy
Green smells like a fresh summer breeze
Green looks like a tree
Green tastes like minty candy
Green feels like a relaxing tickle
Green sounds like
as you run
Green is as great as candy- Simile
Green looks like a tree- Metaphor
Green feels like a relaxing tickle- Personification
Green sounds like a swoosh as you run- Onomatopoeia
Figurative Language
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