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Horse riding

No description

aino kemlin

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Horse riding

Horse riding
Show jumping
In show jumping the horse and rider jump over barriers. They get error points when the boom drops or you ride too slow.
The winner is the one, who is the fastest and error free.

The highest barrier was almost two and a half meters high.
Show jumping is a very popular type.

Dressage requires perfect cooperation
between the horse and the rider.
In dressage the horse and rider perform the functions assigned to a specified location

The winner is the one, who rides the best and error free.

I and riding
Types of riding
There are many different riding types: show jumping, dressage, western riding, eventing and many other types.
Eventing is the most dangerous and most difficult horse riding type. In eventing there are three parts, show jumping, dressage and terrain barrier. The same horse is ridden in all parts.
One competition takes one, two or three days.

All the parts get points
and the one who
gets the most points,
is the winner.

To start riding
Everyone can start riding a horse at riding school. In riding school you learn to handle horses and to ride. You can go to riding school even if you don´t know anything about horses or you are of any age.
In riding school you learn easy dressage and show jumping.
You can compete in any horse riding types. Show jumping, dressage and eventing are Olympic sports.

The best Finnish horse riders are Emma Kanerva, Nina Fagerström, Mikaela Lindh, Anna-Julia Kontio, Sebastian Numminen, Mikael Forsten, Kyra Kyrklund, Terhi Stegars and Piia Pantsu.

Riding is one of the the most expensive hobbies. Riding lessons can cost fifty euros, but usually they don´t cost more than forty euros.

The main horse riding equipment are a helmet and a safety vest.
Riding is very difficult, if you are allergic
to horses. Horses are different. There are
small and big horses, high and low horses, black and white horses, nearly all kinds of horses.
Horses are divided into horses and ponies.
I´ve been riding for three and a half years, at Keiramo stables and Metsäkylä riding center.
I ride a horse once a week, but I take care of a horse named Helmi three days a week.
In addition I often help in junior riding lessons.

I ride because I love to be with horses. I recommend riding to all people.
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