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Financials: Forecasting&Reporting by Alberto Onetti

Preparing the financials of your business plan;Presenting the financials to Investors (main indicators);Reporting financial data to the Board of Directors (structuring the Board package and the financial distribution).

Alberto Onetti

on 13 October 2017

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Transcript of Financials: Forecasting&Reporting by Alberto Onetti

Thank you for your attention!
And one more thing...
Avoid TMI – limit to a few numbers, the most important indicators
Numbers have to look good
Numbers have to be consistent with your Story
Be realistic - particularly in the short term (you will be accountable for)
P&L (aka Income Statement or Statement of Operations)
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Main Docs
Main Indicators
Forecasting vs Reporting
Always show the light at the end of the tunnel
You need to bridge to a completed milestone or to cash-flow-positive
Avoid to "Bridge to Nowhere"
Think positive, but get prepared for the worst
Have in your back pocket a cash exhaust analysis
Show different scenarios
Actual vs Plan comparison
Reforecasting (monthly/quarterly)
Reporting: Waterfall
Prospect Investors
Existing Investors (Board of Directors)
Strategic Partners (aka Buyers)
Who's the Audience?
Docs and Indicators
Never provide excel files (no formulas)
Quarterly figures, possible monthly
Don’t provide information you are not requested to (be ready to answer, but do not solicit questions)
Alberto Onetti
Twitter: @aonetti
Instagram: aonetti

The point of financial projections is to tell a Story with numbers
-- a story about opportunity, resource requirements, market forces, growth, milestone achievements, and profits."

Guy Kawasaki, Art of the Start

Are your Financials
telling a compelling Story?
Other Indicators
Recurring Revenue (annual -ARR , montly -MRR)
Deferred Revenue
Contract Value (annual -ACV, total -TCV, life - LTV)
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
blended (including users acquired organically)
paid (acquired through paid marketing)
Growth (Month-on-month-MoM, year-over-year YOY)
CMGR (Compounded Monthly Growth Rate) (i.e. (Latest Month/ First Month)^(1/# of Months) -1)
Users (Active, Paid, Downloads, ...)
The Revenue Bridge
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