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St. Bernard School History

No description

Julia Ballutay

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of St. Bernard School History

our Patron Saint
"Learning with God's guidance"
St. Bernard's
Interview with Christine Overby
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Born 1090, in Burgundy, France
He was very witty and charming, which made him very popular.
He loved God very much
He died on August 20, 1153
He was canonized on January 18, 1174
Was canonized by Pope Alexander III
Pope Pius VII declared him a Doctor of the Church in 1830.
October 2, 2014
By Vanessa, Jake, Julia & Matthew
1900s School was like...
St. Bernard School
The library today wasn't a library back then. One half of the room was a daycare and the other half was space for the janitor.
The school's outer wall was brick color, not the cream white it is now.
Students did not switch classes, instead the teachers came to their classrooms
Students did not change clothes for P.E
St. Bernard School History
St. Bernard opened on September 17, 1958
4 daughters of the cross made up the faculty.
Only had first, second and third grades
Showers and locker rooms were added onto the gym in 1975
Front room of the convent was turned into the kindergarten classroom in 1981
convent garage became the computer lab in 1984
that room became the Kindergarten class room and the computer lab is where the old library used to be
recently, the Kindergarten classroom was extended and the old storage room became a new room for the class
new cabinets and flooring were added to the kindergarten classroom
Sister Bernadette
What school was like 10 years ago
The Parish: Then and Now
Composed of Sisters of the Cross and Priests
Sister Anne
Sister Bernadette
Sister Monica
Sister Martin Mary
Sister Mary Eugene
Sister Mary Kevin
Sister Maureen O' Brian
Sister Mary Lancaster
Sister Marlene
Sister Cecilia
Msrg. Shea
Msrg. Rocha
Fr. Matthew O'Donnel(Who Matthew was named after)
Fr. Chad
Fr. Fernando
Fr. Peter
Fr. Edwin
Fr. Francis
Fr. Thomas
Fr. Jovi
Fr. Jorge
Fr. Mario
Fr. Chako
Fr. Nguyen
Fr. Rolando
Fr. David
Fr. Silva
Fr. Michael
Msrg. Shea
Current Priests
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