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Finding the multicultural self?

Social media

Susan Burton

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Finding the multicultural self?

Self-narratives relationships
with others reveal self Finding self listen understand Multicultural Understanding other naratives
IDI assessment Engaging Intentionally interact abroad by "means" of other
getting it strait
witnessing in context
Meaning What "I" see
What "you" see Cognition
Motivation Independent Training to see self and others prior to experience Knowing others? Abstracting

Contextual Intelligence
Across Constructs? Others
viewed through
self seeing other? Thinking through culture Abroad: "Others" provide contrast Worldview
"backcloth" Construal Level Theory
and Psychological Distance Example of Two self-construals Interdependent Constructive Developmental Theory attributes
volitional actor
traits are context free Contrasting goals on
self-fulfillment in affective domain Pursuit of harmony
Pursuit of conformity interconnected w/ social context
roles dictate agenty autonomous growth Can seeing "self" help in understanding diversity? Experience
provides a skewed "contact" lens Understanding Self
to have context for
learning about others Implications in: Assessment
Leadership new culture becomes "object" Literature review of Theoretic "self" and "other" in Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology Cultural Psychology literature Construal Level theory Reflective of Hofstede's Individualistic and Collectivistic Perspectives Can't easily see own lens or self True "others" and "self" obscured Experience from one's construct Self has different meaning and role
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