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The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross

No description

Kevin Poblacion

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross

Characters Ann : Plot Farmer's wife, Ann, is left at home during a blizzard when her husband, John, promised to return later that evening. She decides to stay calm by doing a few chores, including painting the bedroom door. That evening Steven, John's friend, came over to the house to keep Ann company while John was away. In this time Ann began to the compare her husband and Steven. She ends up sleeping with Steven pretending that he was her husband. The next morning Ann wakes up feeling guilty for what she has done and with her husband still gone. Later that day, Ann's husband is found frozen to death with paint on his hand. Theme Hesitation of your first love and last love is never right, if as you chose hesitation in your love then regrets will come as the wind of a dark night. Setting The story takes place on a farm in the Prairies during an awful snow storm. The setting (snow storm) is important to the overall story, because it helps to bring out the character’s traits.
Ex. Ann not being faithful to her husband Symbolism The painted door can symbolize many things. The fact that John and Anne's relationship is falling apart, Ann decides to pain the door to cover something up. Maybe she is denying that things are not what she expected them to be therefore she wants to deny her unhappiness and her urge for disloyalty. Usually doors symbolize the beginning or end of a 'thing' in this story it symbolizes the relationship. Conflict Man vs Self Sinclair Ross The Painted Door Protagonist - Ann feels lonely due to her role as the farmer's wife. Being alone due to the blizzard has driven her to insane and thinking he husband has treated her wrong. In the end, she realizes that John is the one she truly loves and wants. Steven: Antagonist - Steven is a friend of John who visits the house to keep Ann company. In Ann's eyes, John is the opposite of her husband. John: Other - John is Ann's loyal husband to leaves her in the home to check up on his father during the blizzard. He has given up his youth by working to provide a better future for Ann. Ann is having a hard time being alone and is unsure with what she wants. Man vs Nature Ann is kept away from her husband due to the blizzard.
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