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coast to coast

No description

paxton watson

on 20 May 2012

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Transcript of coast to coast

LINDA AND PAXTON DOLPHINS Dolphins are anywhere from 5.5 to 8 feet, males are slightly bigger then females. Most dolphins are black on their upper back and white on the under side. Dolphins are usually found in tropical waters. A fun fact is dolphins travel in pods. A pod is a group of dolphins. SAND Sand is at the beach, if the sun is out a lot in one day the sand becomes hot. Although the sand is soft it is made out of little ity bity rocks!!! Sand is also a home for many animals, like crabs! When sand gets wet it creates mud, as you can tell there is some mud at the beach. THE SUNSET The sunset is made up of colors such as yellow, orange, and red! The sunset comes right before it starts to get dark. It is when the sun goes down. It can be a beautiful sight because of it's gorgeous colors!!!!!! When you look at the sunset you'll love the sight! COAST We are going to be talking about the coast, we will be talking about what animals live there, plants, and weather. When you go to the coast you can see all of these things. At the coast you have some very cool stuff, so here is our information about it. WEATHER The weather at the coast is warm in the day, and at night it get's a little breezy. If the weather is cold the water has to be cold.The weather at the beach before night is gorgeous because of the sunset! The weather at the beach is usually beautiful. ANIMALS Most of the animals at the coast are marine life such as dolphins, sharks, shrimp, jellyfish, crabs, and much more! These animals are what make the ocean come alive. The animals at the beach feed off of the ocean so it is important that we keep our oceans clean and tidy!!!! PLANTS Plants at the beach are things such as seaweed, algae, and trees. Plants are what make the coast stand out. If the coast has no plants its probably not healthy. Plants can mean a lot to the coast such as feeding some of the marine life, and making the beach much more beautiful!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED THANKS FOR WATCHING:) BY:LINDA and PAXTON:) PICS!:) So now you have learned all about the coast, and what it contains. The animals, weather, and plants are what make the coast come alive! We hope you learned a lot and will remember our presentation about the COAST!:)
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